Last week, I stuffed my crisper drawers full of fresh veggies and herbs in an effort to test out Clearly Fresh bags, which promise to keep produce fresh for up to 50% longer than ordinary bags. Well, it’s been just over a week; so yesterday, I examined the produce to see if there had been any noticeable changes. Check out the video for the results.

The experiment continues on….

5 replies on “THE GREAT FRESH TEST: Episode 2”

  1. Interesting piece, but I resent the fact that I now have the insatiable urge to play Super Mario Bros.

  2. you like science just like Rachel ! I enjoyed the video B, but for as many times as you said “nasty” in it- I’m nominating you to narrate the next Honeybadger video.

  3. This is great! Experimenting, especially something like this, can be so helpful for so many people!! I love this series! Thanks for posting! I’m thinking about doing some experimenting myself now!


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