VIDEO: The Inevitable Homophobic ‘Big Brother’ Dumbledore Debate of the Day

Jeff hates Dumbledore by caseycarlsonx1
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The first buzz-worthy fight from the Big Brother house emerged last night, and it centered around… Harry Potter? Yup, you heard that correctly. A roundtable discussion of Dumbledore’s sexuality sparked a heated confrontation between Kalia and Jeff, the latter of whom questioned the prudence of writing an allegedly gay character as the headmaster of a school in a fantasy land. According to him, it was irresponsible to portray a gay man working with and overseeing children. According to Kalia, there was nothing wrong with it.

Aside from the fact that the conversation is somewhat ludicrous, I have to agree with Kalia on this one. The only way I could possibly see Jeff’s point were if he were saying that it was irresponsible to perpetuate the “Catholic priest” stereotype that old men who work with children tend to be gay and predatory. However, I’m not sure he was saying that, and if he was, he certainly didn’t articulate it well.

The point is this: I think I need a cloak of invisibility to shield me from these inane debates. That’s what those cloaks do, right? I dunno. I’m rusty on my wizardry.

Yay Big Brother is back!

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  1. I don’t need to listen to Jeff, I just look at him and enjoy the view. I definitely do NOT condone any homophobic comments he makes. Just as I abhorred Adam’s working for an Autism foundation and calling people with autism retards. But Adam wasn’t that great to look at anyway. Before I get slammed for what I’ve said, please note that in my immediate family, I have both homosexuals as well as relatives with autism and I would not slam either community.

  2. Don’t worry too much B-side, I’m sure the producers will use their own cloaks of invisibility to make sure this entire convo (and Jeff’s idiotic statements) never make it to air.

  3. Sadness. I guess that, as with Alec Baldwin, he’s a shitty person but I can still admire his work.

  4. God, it KILLS me when he says “Don’t go saying the ‘right’ thing for television!” That has been my problem with bigots of EVERY stripe: they always, always, ALWAYS think that we–the MAJORITY– actually AGREE with them, but are afraid to break some weird-ass PC code. You know what we–the MAJORITY!–need to do? Speak the fuck UP every chance we get. And support each other when someone among us takes on this kind of ignorance. Seriously. That’s your homework; carry on.

  5. Bside u waffle like a man of indecision. Are you the gayest straight man ever or a medium gay gay man? Just sayin.

  6. Call me crazy, but I took this a total different way than the rest of you, but then again I don’t jump to “hate” every time someone has a different opinion than I do. I took it as Jeff saying, “sexual orientation doesn’t belong in children books” It was written for kids, and he is saying that a book about a bunch of little kids going to a magical place with a gay man isn’t needed in a childrens book. Why does it need to be about him hating gays? And he’s right a lot of PC people would be afraid to say anything about it in fear of being told they hate gays for speaking their opinion when in reality he just thinks it has no place in children books. Why do we need sexual orientation of ANY kind in a book for little kids? Just wondering.. lol

  7. Sexual orientation is consistently acknowledged in children’s entertainment: books, movies, television and, yes, Harry Potter. To wit: Bill and Fleur get married, Lupin and Tonks have a baby, the three main characters have relationships with members of the opposite sex. But somehow that is all perfectly acceptable and the extremely subtle acknowledgment of one character’s homosexuality has no place in children’s literature?

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