It’s Kim Richards’ Boyfriend’s Mugshot!


Well, that didn’t take long. It’s a mugshot of Ken Blumenfeld, boyfriend to Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ken was booked on a 2009 DUI charge (although, I still believe he probably drives better than Kim, given the recent footage of her piloting her car on a highway WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO THE WHEEL. Oy).

Via Starcasm

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12 thoughts on “It’s Kim Richards’ Boyfriend’s Mugshot!

    • I guess brandi new what she was talking about. This guy should be on that website about the faces of meth. He has been doing some pretty serious picking at his face. All those folds and bags speak a thousand words. Hahahahah kyle, ur sister can pick em. I hope kim marries him and moves down the block from kyle…

  1. This guy looks like trouble, but nobody normal is going to last long dating Kim.

    I read Kyle is going crazy after learning about the DUI which is pretty funny considering her own niece has about 100 of them, but she’s still a good person.

    I agree with Lindah…it’s a face of alcohol/drug abuse….just like Kim’s craggy skin.

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