7 replies on “Check Out This Hilarious Video Recap of RHOBH”

  1. Hi Flipit I remember how I laughed when you and Ben would do the Miami housewives on the late lamented Housewife Hoedown. Very funny then and now. You have Ken’s voice down. Really good.

  2. Holy moly, that was funny!! The awful mouth-breathing, lip-smacking sounds in the background everytime we saw Ken were perfect.

  3. Bsidia thanks so much for posting this and thank you guys for the nice comments! We are doing a version of the Housewives Hoedown thing, but I think it’s gonna be encompassing all the Bravo shows. I don’t know when or how or any of that. I wait for B to tell me and just show up with a Starbux cup full of vodka. 😉

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