Tequila Adventures at Soho House


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged about cocktails (and it’s been an even hotter minute since I stated a blog by saying “It’s been a hot minute…”). Nevertheless, I’m here to buck the trend. Last night, my friend IndianJones and I attended a “tasting bout” sponsored by Tequila Herrandura and UrbanDaddy at Los Angeles’ Soho House. The event was simple: four mixologists battled it out for cocktail supremacy in front of an esteemed panel of judges, with each barkeep enduring at least two rounds of competition. First they had to serve up a signature cocktail. Then they had to whip up as many margaritas as possible under three minutes. Winner advanced to a final round that involved incorporating chocolate into a tequila drink. Fun times all around.

Of course, while the competition was fun to watch, it merely was an excuse to enjoy some tasty tequila (shots were abundant) and make new friends. In the end, master mixologist Steve Livigni took home the title belt, much to the delight of the many boozy onlookers. I didn’t get a chance to try any of Livigni’s cocktails, but I can assure you I more than made up for it with a variety margaritas, shots, and other assorted libations. A few random pictures of the event after the jump…

In one corner, a jimador breaks down a blue agave plant. It was jimADORABLE. Okay, I’ll stop. (Sorry, I love a good pun).

People could pick at the piña and chew on the pieces. I refrained.

The tequila of the evening. Quite tasty.

Two of the mixologists go face to face in round one of their bout.

Sexy cocktails.

An announcer revealing the results of a round. Boxing was the theme of the evening, in case you couldn’t figure it out.

Judges, waiting for their drinks.

This is where the mixologists did their thing. With all those blood oranges and fresh ingredients, I was happy to simply gaze upon it for minutes on end.

Judges being judgmental.

Random picture of me with the jimador. Wait. Here comes another pun: I’m such a jimaDORK. NAILED IT.


Thanks to Herradura, UrbanDaddy, and Soho House!