VIDEO: McDonalds + Rice Cooker = Stoner’s Delight?

Some intrepid culinary pioneer in Japan decided that a mere Big Mac with Fries meal (with a side of McNuggets) wasn’t tasty enough on its own (ed. note — it is), and so this daring person opted to put the whole thing in a rice cooker and press go. I’m not sure I’ll be putting this on my slate of Adventures in Domesticity plans, but then again…

Via The Daily What

8 replies on “VIDEO: McDonalds + Rice Cooker = Stoner’s Delight?”

  1. that’s so gross. it’s not so much “what” as it i”why???” what for? and what’s the value add of pouring in a bit of his soda? sick.

  2. umm…….what the? the only thing that looked good there was the melted cheese oozing out of the burger.
    (watch, this will somehow be the next big thing on the menu at some upscale NYC sushi joint)

  3. yuck ruined a perfectly good Big Mac, that is not right!! Now I want a Big Mac, I wish they
    had delivery….

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