A New Look at B-Side Blog


In case you didn’t notice, there’s a new look here at B-Side Blog. It all happened because my previous theme was so slow on the backend (ie. the control panels, the stuff I need to do to upload posts) that I decided to streamline everything into a clean, simple layout. Some notable features you may wish to use and peruse:

  • Searching: The search field is no longer hidden away in the sidebar. Now it’s located conveniently in the header, just under the site’s logo. You can also find search boxes in the sidebar and footer. Search freely and blissfully!
  • Featured Stories: Previously, my site had a giant slide show up top that would scroll through the featured blog posts of the moment. I’ve scrapped the slideshow, but up in the header, there’s still a nifty slider of the stuff I either want you to see or think you might have missed. You may see it change shape here and there as I may tinker with its look.
  • Sharing: At the bottom of every post is now not just a Facebook and Twitter sharing feature, but a way for you to share over sites like Google Plus, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. I’m not totally sold on the current sharing plugin; so it may change around a bit, but either way, be sure to share anything you like!
  • Instagram! On the sidebar, you may notice a little slideshow. That’s my Instagram feed! If you like it, feel free to follow me on Instagram. User name: bsideblog. Otherwise, enjoy the pics.
  • Shifty Sidebar: The new theme peels away the sidebar on individual posts. I wanted to keep it, but I didn’t know how, and now, I’ve grown to like the no-frills experience it offers. Don’t be confused if you can’t find the sidebar — it’s not there. And if you really want it back, I’ll look into seeing how I can implement it on individual pages

I think that’s about it. I hope you like the new look and find that content is easier to access than ever before. As usual, I’m behind on all my posts, but keep an eye out because I will catch up. I swear!

4 replies on “A New Look at B-Side Blog”

  1. OMG. I see the change, aren’t you a handsome lady. At least you got that growth above your eye removed; all people with sight thank you for that.

    1. The growth is gone, and I’m ready to go paint the town red (within reason and back by 9PM to watch NCIS).

  2. I almost panicked when I thought the recent comments were gone, but I found them, so I’m okay again. It looks clean and um, I probably sound like an old lady here, but the print is very easy to read. Me likey.

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