Jim Bellino Might Just Be Super Mario

Jim Bellino and wife Alexis from The Real Housewives of Orange County

I mean, the comparison just has to be made.

And if Jim is Mario, that makes Alexis…


And naturally, that makes their kids…


‘Nuff said.

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7 thoughts on “Jim Bellino Might Just Be Super Mario

  1. Why is he lying in that hospital bed like he just gave birth?!?! (And following that up by breastfeeding?!) W.T.F.?!

    • I know when babies are first born they thrive on skin-to-skin contact, so that may be the reason for why they are on his chest. Doesn’t mean they need to release a picture of it though…

  2. I just feel bad for Alexis. She actually looks pretty here, without all the ridiculous make up and hair do and clothes. If only . . .

  3. I wonder if the babies will have Alexis’s new nose and Jim’s new chin.

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