WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep 21 – Oh Bow She Di’int!

Hey everyone — here’s the latest episode of Watch What Crappens. We had a great time this week, and the show is crammed with good stuff. We start with a little bit of gossip — a few odds and ends about Jill Zarin, Bethenny Frankel, and our friend Amy Phillips. Then we dive headfirst into the Real Housewives of Orange County finale, and you can be sure we analyze Bowgate 2012 to death. Then we head to New Jersey to debate the Giudice / Manzo feud, and finally it’s off to New York City where, among other things, we spend a good amount of time laughing about Sonja Morgan’s burgeoning party-planning / toaster oven empire. We close out the show with talk of Tardy for the Wedding and Million Dollar Listing LA, and finally we take some questions from Twitter! We were laughing a lot. Hopefully you will be too!

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3 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep 21 – Oh Bow She Di’int!”

  1. Another funny podcast. Worth the wait to hear your thoughts on the OC episode from this week. Get me an Oreo – those OC Housewives sure know how to end a season!

  2. Thanks for the info on ‘BringBackJillZ’ bullshit.
    She should give up on RHONY and try for something like “Pregnant in Heels” or “Selling New York” or “Ace of Cakes”.


  3. Blind Gossip posted a couple items, the one you refer to in the podcast is not just posted but Solved.

    Great website.

    Here’s the gist of the blind item according to Blind Gossip:
    Caroline disowned Teresa once she lost her money and because they lost their money. Then she had lap band surgery to lose her weight and has repeated lied about it.
    Teresa thinks Melissa slept with her husband and then married her brother. Thinks this.
    Melissa and Joey are broke, no surprise there. Radar Online is now reporting this too.
    Jackie used to work as a call girl in Las Vegas.
    Kathy and Rich are posers and their going broke trying to finance their lifestyle.

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