YEA OR NAY: The Sexiest Man Alive Is… Bradley Cooper? Really?


Okay, ladies and gents. Time to vote with your loins. People just announced that the Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper — he of the smarmy rictus and greasy hair (a.k.a. devilish grin and luscious locks, for those who are decidedly in the pro-Cooper camp). As OMG points out, many people aren’t thrilled with the choice, especially when others like the omnipresent Ryan Gosling seem a much better fit for the title.

Where do you stand? Is Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive, or should someone else have won the title? And if so, who?

The Spectacular Journey of Gerard Butler’s Abs


Back in the mid-aughts, Gerard Butler became the poster boy for ridiculous abs, thanks to his star-making role in the Grecian testosterone-fest, 300. It seemed like everyone wanted a midsection like his, spawning a minor exercise sensation with the “300 Workout.”

Well, since those glory days of 2006, Gerard Butler has enjoyed a donut or two. The actor famously put on a spare tire, which at once made him totally relatable and simultaneously a major disappointment.

Now, my friends, we have arrived at the third glorious incarnation of Gerard Butler’s belly, and the results are just as curious. Picture after the jump…

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Win Your Very Own Beauty Express Brow Kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills!

“Beauty Express” brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Ladies, do you like to pluck? Then this contest is for you! Just write a haiku about brow plucking in the comments, and the best one will win a free Beauty Express Brow Kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills (as seen in the above video).

You have until Monday at noon, West Coast time. Go get ’em!

Your Guide To Alexis Couture


Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County have come to expect tacky fashions and styles from all the women on screen. However, Alexis Bellino is about to change all that. Her new dress line is about to rock the fashion world, and I’m here to guide you through the genius that is Alexis Couture.

Someone call Rachel Zoe: there’s a bold new voice in fashion.

A full examination of Alexis’s line — as seen at and — after the jump…

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Rachel Zoe Gives B-Side Blog Exclusive Story Behind Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Looks


Last night’s telecast of the Oscars was one of the dullest in years, thanks in part to lackluster nominations, predictable wins, and lame comedy bits. Just about the only thing noteworthy was hostess Anne Hathaway’s perpetually changing wardrobe, which consisted of eight looks overall. I couldn’t help think about the toll this must have put on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who manages to suffer a near aneurysm every year when she needs to dress Annie in one dress, let alone eight.

Luckily, the harried stylist was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk about each of Anne Hathaway’s ensembles. Exclusive commentary after the jump… Continue reading

Check Out Justin Bieber’s New Hair


Did you hear the news? Justin Bieber cut his hair! That’s right, the iconic bangs-pocalypse on his forehead is now gone, and in its place is a shaggier, scruffier coif that resembles my very own ‘do when I wake up in the morning (although, based on pillow angle and side-sleeping, my hair does have a tendency to naturally form a faux-hawk on occasion).

Bieber’s new look after the jump…

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Hot New Fashion Trends from ‘Jersey Shore’


It’s the new year, and with a new year comes new trends. Thankfully we have the cast of Jersey Shore to clue us in to the new looks for 2011. After the jump, check out the sweet duds and fashion statements that J-WOWW, Snooki, and the others all made at the MTV New Year’s Eve bash.

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