My First Attempt At Yoga

For the past several months, I’ve been promising various friends that I would try yoga, but every time I try to get my act together, something comes up, and the whole endeavor falls apart. It’s been quite frustrating for all parties involved. Well, this past weekend, whilst summering in sunny (yes, sunny) Seattle, my friend […]

The Real Housewives Head Into Space!

Earlier this month, NASA commenced the final servicing for the Hubble Telescope, and while the photos of the mission are fascinating, I felt they could use some added pizzazz. What better way to spice up some boring space shots than by adding some nouveau riche women into the mix? After the jump, I present you […]

Painted Nail Opening Results In Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

Last night, my friends J-Unit and IndianJones headed into the Valley for the Grand Opening party of The Painted Nail, a nail salon owned by our friend Katie, who many of you may remember from the old days at TVgasm. Of course, The Painted Nail isn’t just any nail salon, and Katie doesn’t throw just […]

Stacie from 'The Hills' Graces Us With Her Presence

A new supporting character has played a prominent role on this season of The Hills, and her name is Stacie — or as Stephanie Pratt has been prone to calling her — homewrecker, slut, whore, etc.. To me, she’s just “bartender” or “that girl from The Hills” or “that girl from The Hills named Stacie who I […]