Overheard in Reno

Janet: Oh, Mr. Obama, it’s really so wonderful to meet you! I can’t tell you how excited I am for your campaign. Before I forget, this here on my right is my dearest friend Luanne— Luanne: I just got a perm. Obama: Ahh… very nice… Janet: And this is Marilyn. She just loves you! Marilyn: […]

Favorite Blog Headline of the Week

“HONK!” If You Love Children’s Theater AND HOW! There’s so much to love about this random, little blog post (which admittedly was published last July). There’s the utterly unabashed, un-ironic enthusiasm of its headline; there’s the ebullient comment of one Cookie Kubarek who writes “HONK! HONK!! HONK!!!” (note the steadily increasing use of exclamation points); […]

Pasty Brit Sets New Standard For British Pastiness

I don’t often visibly recoil in my seat when I check out British tabloids, but that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon this image of Rhydian Roberts, star of the British hit, The X Factor, on holiday with his tantastic aunt Maxine. The contrast is stupefying. Be warned: application of sunglasses may be required […]