VIDEO: Best Taxidermy Commercial Ever (a.k.a. You Must Watch This)

I don’t have any dead animals around, but I sure wish I did after seeing this spot for Ojai Valley Taxidermy starring intrepid taxidermist Chuck Testa. This is amazing.

Via The Daily What

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Is That An Eel In Your Penis Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?


I believe the headline of the following link says it all, but in case you’re to lazy to glance downwards, let me explain. A man in China went to a spa where he submerged himself in a pool and let freshwater eels graze off his dead skin. The treatment is not unlike the fish pedicures one might encounter in Japan (helpful things I learned on the long forgotten series I Survived a Japanese Game Show). Anyway, this gentleman thought he was in for a relaxing afternoon with the eels, but little did he realize that one intrepid bastard had other plans.

It’s not too late to stop reading. Still here? Okay…


No. No. Stop. I’m mad at MYSELF for writing about this. But I just have to.

The unfortunate spa-goer was rushed to the hospital where doctors spent three hours in surgery removing the eel, which is now thankfully dead.

For more unpleasant details, check out the link below. And thanks to my dear friend Heather Whaley for bringing this special story to my attention.

Metro UK: Eel removed from man’s bladder after entering penis during beauty spa

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VIDEO: Conan Apologizes For Bovine Suicide Joke

Earlier this week, Conan O’Brien aired a gag about a cow committing suicide, causing some uproar amongst the “agricultural community.” Conan attempted to apologize for his lapse in taste last night, but things quickly went awry…

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VIDEO: Cat Bullies Rival

Since I’ve already posted like twenty cat videos this week, why not do another one? Here’s an amusing clip of one cat bullying another. It’s all rather rude, if you ask me.

Perhaps not as funny as the previous videos this week, but an entertaining video to pass the afternoon.

Thanks to Caty for the heads up!

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VIDEO: Cats vs. Dogs — Showdown of the Century!

When it comes to mortal enemies, very few can top the age-old feud between cats and dogs (New York vs. Boston does come close though). In the above video, the rivalry is born anew as one unflappable cat and one ballsy dog square off in the heart of Russia.

Who will win? Watch and see…

Via The Daily What

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VIDEO: Wacky Walking Cat!

So apparently I missed the meme that was Hunch-Cat, but I’m happy to bring you Hunch-Cat successor: Wacky Walking Cat!

Hint: you might need to be stoned to enjoy this (unless you’re me, and you crack up at really any cat video).

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VIDEO: It’s a Deer in an Aquarium!

What is it about deer that they always get themselves trapped in places they shouldn’t be: convenient stores, liquor depots, state legislatures. Heck, they even get into Target. Well, here’s a new addition to that list. One intrepid deer made its way into the seal tank at Norwalk’s Maritime Center in CT. This was impressive because a) who knew deer could swim? and b) who knew a deer could infiltrate an aquarium?

And so we have our second aquarium-themed viral video of the week (after the drunk Russian brawl at the dolphin cove). Where the HELL are the TANKMASTERS??

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VIDEO: Drunk Russians + Dolphins = Inevitable Chaos

And now the inevitable answer to the age-old question: “What would happen if a bunch of drunk Russians went to an aquarium?” It’s kind of like the Pacers vs. the Pistons, but with more slapstick.

I can only imagine what the dolphin thought of this mess.

Via Fark

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