BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 36 – Brangelina, Summer Movies, Tan Mom, and D’Angelo!

Need some Banter in your life? Fear not: we have it. This week, Lisa and I cover the usual hodgepodge of pop culture topics, starting with the impending wedding of Brangelina, which then segues into a dicussion about summer movies. The two of us get down and dirty with The Avengers, Battleship, and Prometheus before setting our sights on two pop culture trainwrecks: Tan Mom and D’Angelo. Naturally. Check it out!

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Ashley from ‘Real Housewives of NJ’ Gets In Dustup at Hollywood CVS

This just in! My spies out in the field have texted me this VERY pressing matter:

“Spotted: Ashley from NJ hwives at CVS on hwood n la brea being yelled at by security!!! (But they let her go. Dunno wha happened!)”

My friend went on to text that she had “bad cake makeup on.”

Dunh dunh DUNHHHH.

So it’s official: Ashley (or is it Ashlee) is here in LA and still a troublemaker. If only we knew what she had done to incur the wrath of CVS. We know one thing for sure: she’s probably wiping one invisible tear away from her eye with her index finger as we speak.

VIDEO: College Student Debunks Rick Santorum To His Face

There’s nothing better than watching an idiot politician get taken down by a humble student. In this case, we have Rick Santorum, who thinks society will fall into decay with the acceptance of gay marriage. He rants that he’s yet to hear a evidence to the contrary… which is where one plucky student chimes in and provides it, courtesy of a study by the American Psychological Association. Santorum then soundly rejects said evidence, saying that the APA is a biased group only willing to listen to evidence that supports its own theses. Hmmmm…. sounds familiar?

Entertaining and bloody-boiling all at once. Yay!



Everyone knows I love me some Real Housewives of New York City, and I love me some reunion too. But this madness has reached a new low. I thought last week’s ninety-minute bitchfest represented a new low for the franchise, but it was nothing compared to last night’s parade of squabbling, which managed to make every single woman on screen look more idiotic than ever before. I’d be embarrassed to be related to, work for, or associated with any of them… but of course, I’d be thrilled if I ran any one of them on the street. What can I say? It’s all very love / hate.

There was something horrific in watching the women go at it last night. I think it was the rampant lack of self-awareness. It all played out like the worst schoolyard fight of all time, and while I understand that many of them had things they wanted to get off their chest, surely they could have found more productive ways to do so — like… maybe using indoor voices?

The whole thing was just more of the same. Alex was bonkers with rage once again, but I gotta admit, the brunettes were so obnoxious with their snide comments and upfront mockery of the blondes, that I felt some sort of empathy for the blondes. Sonja wisely stayed out of the fray for the most part this week, but Ramona more than made up for it with her usual combination of staunch self-defense and vicious attacks. One that outed Jill as a former AA attendee (allegedly) was particularly below-the-belt.

Amusingly, with all the harsh words being sent back and forth, when the scrutiny finally landed on LuAnn, she brushed off all her condescending and obnoxious comments by saying she was just having a little bit of fun. For someone who seems ready to take umbrage at the slightest offense (ie. a pregnancy test on a boat), she seems pretty quick to take on the role of casual jokester. Even more curious was LuAnn’s refusal to admit that she makes little digs at people. Perhaps that’s because she seems to think digs are only digs when they’re said behind one’s back. Who knows? Nevertheless, props to LuAnn for her passive-aggressive praise for Bethenny, to whom she referred as finally catching up to the rest of the gang money-wise. Not to burst LuAnn’s bubble, but methinks Bethenny has caught up, run circles around, and left all the gals in the dust.

Anyhoo… this second ninety-minute reunion special gave me a headache, and I can barely even remember anything that happened during it. At attempt at a photocap after the jump… Continue reading

VIDEO: The Inevitable Nancy Grace / Casey Anthony Reaction


The biggest question surrounding the Casey Anthony verdict has not been “How did she get off the hook?” or “Who killed little Caylee?” It’s been “Just how crazy will Nancy Grace be?” Our answer, ladies and gentlemen, is here.

Bonus points to panelist Sue Moss for actually upstaging Nancy with her own shrill brand of lunacy.

Via D-Listed

January Jones’ Pregnancy Could Be A Problem

There are so many questions swirling around January Jones’s pregnancy: who’s the father? Was it Jason Sudeikis? If it wasn’t Jason Sudeikis, who was she cheating on him with? And why was she having unprotected sex with this person? And why is she so awful?

There’s an even more pressing issue at hand though: how will the bump be explained on Mad Men? I vote for extreme Betty Draper weight gain. Maybe put her in a fat suit à la Peggy season one? Failing that, I’m plumb out of ideas.

Read what January has to say about it in her famously articulate and insightful way here.

QUICK HIT: Mel Gibson Levels Anti-Semitic Comment at Winona Ryder


It’s now common knowledge that Mel Gibson is crazy, angry, and prone to impolite bon-mots, but for one star, this was all OLD NEWS. Winona Ryder recently told GQ that she encountered Mellers several years ago at a party, and he not only made anti-Semitic comments, but homophobic ones as well. Who would have thunk it?

To see what Mel told Winona, check out the full story at Socialite Life.

Time For Another Mel Gibson Rant!

What more is to say that hasn’t been said already? It’s yet another rant from a panting, breathless, and totally unhinged Mel Gibson. It plays like all the rest, except this time Oksana defends herself a bit more in that oddly calm NPR voice of hers.

Needless to say, the audio remains decidedly NSFW.

Via D-Listed

After the jump, another rant that I had forgotten to post about! Continue reading

Spencer Pratt Crashes ‘Hills’ After-Party, Looks CRAZY


I don’t know many details about this, but according to USA Today, Spencer Pratt tried to go to the Hills after party last night in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, he was turned away at the door.

Upon seeing the above photo, Heidi’s reasons for divorce are now massively clear. Why even bother going through ten surgical procedures just to be stuck with what appears to be the offspring of Santa Claus and the Yeti.

But wait! According to People, Spencer’s crazy appearance was merely a costume intended to help him get into the Roosevelt Hotel. And MSNBC reports that Spencer told fans outside the Roosevelt that “I’m legally released now to be free in America. Freedom of speech. So you can hear my obnoxious mouth on a whole, grander scale!” The whole thing is sort of bonkers and pathetic. But sadly not unexpected.

Crystals FAIL.

MSNBC: Spencer Pratt makes a scene at ‘Hills’ party
People: Spencer Pratt’s Wacky Night at The Hills Finale