AFTERNOON CAKE: Vintage Porsche Edition


Once again, I’m happily shilling for my friends, Marc and Leslie. From the same people who made the best R2-D2 cake EVER (even if it was red, purists be damned), here’s a nifty Porsche cake the two made for a recent client. Ain’t it the cutest little Porsche cake you done ever seen?
For more info, visit Mark Joseph Cakes. And check out one more pic after the jump…

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And That's Why You Don't Bike On Highways


Think it’s fun to ride in a bike race on a highway near the Mexican border? WRONG. It’s not fun, especially when a drunk driver up and runs you over. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when Juan Campos of Brownsville, Texas fell asleep at his wheel and plowed into this poor mass of soon-to-be airborne bikers. Sadly, one of them died.
Check out the full story here (via LAist)
P.S. Don’t drink and drive, kids.


Go around.

Okay, this just happened outside my window, and thankfully, my camera was nearby; so I could document all the idiocy on display. I was up here in my room, typing away on my next Hills recap when suddenly, I heard the blaring sound of a car horn. Now, I don’t mind car horns per se, but this guy was pressing onto the horn for a good five or six seconds. Being the ever curious (read: nosy) neighbor that I am, I immediately pressed my face up against my window to see what was going on.
Well, this driver was apparently honking at a garbage truck. As you can see in the picture, the truck was just doing its thing, parked with its hazards on while the sanitation workers scurried into the adjacent building to pull out its dumpster. No one likes being stuck behind a garbage truck — I get that — but was honking necessary? These guys were just doing their job, and even more importantly, THERE WAS PLENTY OF SPACE TO GO AROUND THE TRUCK. There was not a single other car in the area, and as you can see from the picture, the truck was hardly blocking the entire road. But rather than do the obvious and easy thing, this driver instead decided to lay on the horn AGAIN. Seriously? Seriously?
I really wanted to yell, “Just go around!!” but I knew that would be stupid, and the guy would never hear me. So instead, I whipped out my camera, just in time for the guy to honk yet again. That’s right, he let out three or four angry, multi-second honks before finally succumbing to, you know, LOGIC and driving around. So for wasting his own time and blaming others for it, I label this dumb Lexus driver the Idiot Angeleno of the day.

YES! Sweet, Sweet Symmetry!

Only 910 more miles ’til the next symmetrical binary number!

The other day, I sadly missed my odometer hit both that glorious benchmark of 10,000 miles and the similarly impressive palindrome of 10,001 miles. But fear not. I did get the next best thing: the perfectly symmetrical AND binary display of 10,101 miles. Thank God. If I had missed that, I might have cried. Luckily, my eyes happened to wander down to the odometer and catch this magnificent number just as it turned. I was more elated than Kristin Wiig on SNL.
As you can see from the pic, I was cruising along at a hefty clip; so it would have been somewhat dangerous for me to have taken the picture myself (not that I didn’t try). Luckily, I got the assist from J-Unit, who happily whipped out his iPhone and documented this momentous occasion. I should also note that this all took place as we were driving past Disneyland on the highway, which just goes to show: it really is the happiest place on Earth. Huzzah!

DAMMIT: Fleeting Pop Song Distracts Me From Glorious Odometer Milestone

Why did I have to miss it? Why? It could have been so glorious!!!

I get distracted for like two minutes, and you know what happens? I miss my odometer reaching 10,000!!! I’d been waiting all week for this momentous occasion, and just as I feared, the damn thing turned while I was probably singing along to some dumb song. What’s even worse is that I not only missed out on lucky number 10,000, but I also didn’t even get to see the consolation prize: 10,001. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO SYMMETRICAL!!!!
Oh well. It wasn’t a total loss though…

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What Your Car Says About You

“I’m sensible; so I cradle my head in my hand. But I’m a little wild; so I only use ONE hand. That’s why I drive an Accord.”

Earlier this week, Forbes ventured into the world of unspoken gender truths when it published the semi-provocative article titled “What Your Car Says To The Opposite Sex.” The writer, Jacqueline Mitchell, performed a fairly thorough, albeit unscientific analysis of various vehicle brands and came to some amusing, insightful, and sometimes colorful conclusions about how a car can reflect upon an owner. While I felt Mitchell’s take was by and large accurate, I think there’s more to be said. After the jump, both the Forbes and B-Side Blog take on what a car says to the opposite sex (or actually any sex in general).

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