It’s Kim Richards’ Boyfriend’s Mugshot!


Well, that didn’t take long. It’s a mugshot of Ken Blumenfeld, boyfriend to Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ken was booked on a 2009 DUI charge (although, I still believe he probably drives better than Kim, given the recent footage of her piloting her car on a highway WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO THE WHEEL. Oy).

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Morgan from ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’ Season One Busted For Child Porn!


I’m not sure this is the publicity that Bravo wanted as it approaches the season finale of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Former contestant and season one runner-up Morgan Wilson has been indicted on three second-degree felony charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography. Yech.

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the details of the case seem rather disturbing so far. According to the Plano Courier Star, the FBI managed to download several kiddie porn files from Wilson’s computer via Limewire back in December 2010. Investigators later presented Wilson with the photos, which he admitted to having viewed. He has since been arrested and released on $10,000 bail.

Needless to say, I don’t anticipate he’ll be making any surprise appearances on Watch What Happens…

From more information, read the full story here.

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AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN: Cop Has Sex With Woman on Car

Here’s an interesting turn of events. A police officer in New Mexico was caught by a surveillance camera having sex with a lady on the hood of a car. No, this didn’t happen on a police cruiser, but the cruising policeman was in his full outfit — badge, boots, utility belt and all. Not sure where the gun was, but I think we can all assume it will need a touch of sterilization after this. Nevertheless, no action has been taken yet while the authorities determine if this officer has in fact broken the law (maybe the lady was his wife? But probably not). I’m sure more salacious details will emerge soon…

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VIDEO: The Inevitable Nancy Grace / Casey Anthony Reaction


The biggest question surrounding the Casey Anthony verdict has not been “How did she get off the hook?” or “Who killed little Caylee?” It’s been “Just how crazy will Nancy Grace be?” Our answer, ladies and gentlemen, is here.

Bonus points to panelist Sue Moss for actually upstaging Nancy with her own shrill brand of lunacy.

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Ramona Singer Punches Producer, Is Déclassé

This is kind of amazing. Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer clocked a producer recently after she felt ganged up on for some reason or another. Sources on site seemed confused about the situation, but clearly the Turtle Time doyenne was the victim of what Kelly Bensimon might deem SYSTEMATIC BULLYING.

The source tells Us Magazine: “No one is really sure what exactly spurred her craziness… but she got herself worked up over filming this scene and one thing led to another, and she punched the producer. Literally.”

Sounds rather violent to me. No, you know what it is? Déclassé. Sorry. That’s what it is. Déclassé.

More information here:

OMG!: Ramona Singer Punches Producer

Simon Barney Arrested For Domestic Abuse


It’s been a banner day for arrests: first Braylon Edwards, then Joe Giudice. Now we can add Simon Barney to the list. The controlling husband from The Real Housewives of Orange County allegedly threw a dog leash at ex-wife Tamra Barney that struck her in the wrist. Reportedly, Tamra called the police, and voila, here we are. Now Simon is being held on $10,000 bail.

I suppose we always knew it would come to this.

More information:

TMZ: ‘O.C. Housewife’ Hubby Arrested for Domestic Violence
People: Real Housewives of O.C. Husband Arrested for Domestic Violence

Teresa Giudice’s Husband Is In Jail

When it comes to bashing Danielle Staub’s sordid past, Teresa Giudice is the champion. Unfortunately for her, women in glass houses shouldn’t throw oversized vases. Turns out Teresa’s husband Joe has been racking up quite the list of illegal transgressions. First there was the alleged drunk driving. Then there were the allegations of fraud. And now Joe Giudice has been arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Unlike his DUI which he claimed was the result of fatigue and post-collision alcohol consumption, I’m not sure Joe can talk his way out of this one. Still, I suspect we’ll be seeing a scene from next season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey where he explains to a wide-eyed Jacqueline that “It was all a big mixup. I didn’t mean to drive the car, but I suffer from sleepwalking and so happens I fell asleep and got into the car and drove off to buy Tre something from Chanels.”

This of course would be echoed by Teresa, who would say “They got it all wrawng. The press people, they don’t know what they’re saying. Joe was walking in his sleep. He wanted to buy me a gift. He loves me. He would never, ever break the law.”

Nevertheless, Joe is currently serving time at the Morris County jail for the next ten days.

For more information, check out the full article here.

Sonja Morgan Arrested for DWI!


Sonja Morgan has a taste for drunk driving, and drunk driving has a taste for Sonja! The newest and unofficially best cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City got busted this morning for cruisin’ and boozin’. According to reports, cops arrested Ms. Morgan after she ran through a stop sign in the Hamptons and then later failed a sobriety test. Further details are sketchy, but I think we can assume that when the officer requested that Sonja recite the alphabet backwards, she merely brushed the hair out of her face nonchalantly and asked, “Why don’t we just talk about making love? Do you find a woman like me attractive? I need the lipo, don’t I? Woopsies, I think my breast popped out. Girls will be girls!”

Read more here:

New York Post: ‘Real Housewife’ Morgan in LI drunk driving bust (thanks to birthday boy JASH, amongst others)

PEREZ HILTON UPDATE: Still Suffering, Still Insufferable


In case you missed it, Perez Hilton got punched gloriously in the face by America’s new hero, Polo Molina, who serves not only as the Joseph Welch of our generation, but also as manager to of the Black Eyed Peas. Go figure. Anyway, Perez not only clogged up Toronto’s emergency response staff by mobilizing his one million strong Twitter army to call the police on his behalf, but he then released a teary, overly indulgent video in which he described the donnybrook, and here is where the controversy has raged. You see, when was allegedly gettin’ all up in Perez’s toothy grill, the cornered gossip blogger feared for his safety; so he did the best possible thing: he called a “fucking faggot.” (I didn’t censor the word because honestly, there’s no reason to soften the awfulness of Perez’s actions.) Well, this understandably led to punches being thrown by Polo, and now, two days later, GLAAD has piped up on the side (more or less) of the Black Eyed Peas.
As reported yesterday, GLAAD has officially condemned Perez Hilton’s use of the F-word, noting that even though there was not necessarily hate behind its usage, the attack still reiterated the notion that such words might just be okay to use in trying to get a rise out of someone. Surely Perez would apologize, yes? Not so much. In a statement to TMZ, he once again played the woe-is-me card, saying, “I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent.” Oversimplification, to say the least.
Perez then continued, “While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you.” So yes, reading between the lines, he’s acting as if he deserves the apology, even if he doesn’t necessarily expect one.
But wait, there’s more.

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