Bobble Bowl 2008!


Tonight my two favorite football players, Santana Moss and Hines Ward, are going head to head in a game I like to call Bobble Bowl 2008. It’s named that because I have bobbleheads of both players, and any time I have an opportunity to take both figurines out and place them next to the TV, I’m happy. The tradition started in early 2005 when the Jets faced the Steelers in a closely fought and unbearably exciting Divisional Playoffs game. Thanks to Doug Brien’s field goal choke, the Steelers advanced to the next round while the Jets went home empty handed, eventually trading Santana Moss to the Washington Redskins in the post season. In the nearly four years since then, Santana and Hines never faced each other in the regular season, and so Bobble Bowl has been on a quiet hiatus. Tonight though, that all changes. Who will I root for? I don’t know. But a fun time will be had by all!
Hines, Santana, SNL, The Hills, and Gossip Girl: could this be the best night of TV ever? Maybe…

R.I.P. The Bad Newz Kennel


In a tragic turn of events, The Bad Newz Kennel’s reign came to a sudden and tragic end yesterday.  No, I’m not talking about Michael Vick’s after-hours canine jamboree.  I’m talking about my Fantasy Football team, which had persevered through a frustratingly streaky second-half of the year to somehow wind up in first place going into the fantasy playoffs.  Alas, thanks to Dallas Clark and Chad Johnson’s underwhelming performances, my team came up six points short, forcing me to lose to the eighth seed.  THE EIGHTH SEED!!!  Thus, I have been unceremoniously booted from the playoffs like an unwanted vagabond, effectively ending what had appeared to be my most promising shot at the fantasy football crown ever.  I will now be entering a period of mourning, which will then be followed by self-pitying, and subsequently a forty-five minute block of general lamentation.

My roster of failure after the jump…

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