How To Fold A Fitted Sheet — It’s Totally Foolproof!

My friend Leah sent out a plea to Facebook this morning: how do I fold a fitted sheet? It’s been one of mankind’s most pressing questions, up there with “What’s the meaning of life?” and “Where have all the cowboys gone?” I mean, it’s a lowly linen. Surely it can be folded!

But the fitted sheet is the asshole of all sheets. It curls up, turns in on itself, and ultimately refuses to be tamed. Most people just ball it up into some puffy mess, maybe even going so far as to fashion that blob into a sloppy square of sorts. Let me tell you something: I’ve been there. But I have been enlightened. I now know how to fold a fitted sheet.

Like many people, I turned to YouTube to show me the light. There are dozens of videos on the subject, but all of them are confusing. They start off easy — put your hands in two corners and then fold one corner on top of another. Great! But then every. single. video just BREEZES through the next part, which is the trickiest part of all. The experts tell you to just “feel along the way” and place the next corner on your hand. Or tuck another corner into another corner. But which “way” do we feel upon? And what happens when your sheet has already turned into a jumbled, inside-out mess?

No need to panic at the disco. I have come up with a method that is simple and easy to follow, and I feel reasonably confident that my video explains everything clearly. It’s basically a variation on the corner-grabbing technique, except I use a flat surface to help out. I’m sure if you get really good at this version, you can probably fold the fitted sheet without ever having the place it on the floor or your bed. But for the rest of us, this will have to do.

Watch the video above, and let me know if it works for you. And if it’s still tricky, I’ll go and make another one! I just want to help the world with one of its problems. Help me help you (and the world).

Win A $15 iTunes Gift Credit!


Hey everyone! Lisa Timmons and I are giving away a free $15 iTunes gift credit plus a free Sade song download of your choice! That’s right — we’re giving away iTunes swag! All you have to do is come up with the most amazing .com domain name. For instance, something like would play very well with us. I would also welcome something along the lines of

Here’s what to do:

1) Go to and sign up if you need to.

2) Create a domain (must end with .com) and use the promo code “banter” on checkout. You will only be charged $1.99, which is about as much as you’d pay for a soda or a taco (or both, depending on the establishment).

3) Once you’ve signed up your domain, post it on our Facebook page, specifically on the comments section of this post.

That’s it! We’ll accept new entries until noon on September 18th.

Good luck!

Help My Friend’s Kickstarter

sita.jpgHey everybody. My friend Sita is trying to fund a short film called Lenny&Dahlia. For those of you who don’t remember Sita, she’s the crazy lady who made frequent appearances on Housewife Hoedown back in the day. I’m sure we’ll have her back on Watch What Crappens (I really don’t know why we haven’t already), but in the meantime, help her out and check out her Kickstarter page.

Here’s the deal. Sita has coordinated an all-female cast and crew: director, producer, actors, writer, editor and production coordinator. They all be women! Reality shows make ladies look terrible on a daily basis. Why not support something empowering?

So, if you feel like helping out, check out the details here.

Vote For Me! Pretty Please!


As some of you may have read on my Facebook pages or Twitter or Instagram, this lil’ site has been nominated by LA Weekly for Best TV Blog. I’m really flattered and honored to make the cut, but now LA Weekly has poked at the competitive BEAST that lurks inside me. The beast that wants to WIN.

In all seriousness, I’m really psyched about this. My blog has never been in the running for anything (sad), and for LA Weekly to nominate it means that I must be doing something right (or at least their standards are very low). If y’all could help me bring home the big trophy, that would be even awesome-r.

The process is so simple that even a monkey could do it (a monkey who can read and type, that is). Just follow this link, click on “B-Side Blog” in the TV category, enter a name and email and vote! The polls close on 7/18; so just do it now and get it over with. And yes, I am needy and demanding.

Of course, you can also send some love to my friends and fellow nominees A Socialite Life, D-Listed, KCET Food, The Minty, and Alie Ward. But no obligaysh, as they say.

Once again, here’s the link! Polls close tomorrow!


In Case You Were Wondering…

The blog isn’t the only thing I’ve been ignoring.

Thank you all for your patience. I know my posts have been spotty, but I’m truly hoping to have more consistent content soon. I regrettably have to do hideous things like work because shockingly, blogs don’t really earn that much money. Still, I hope to find a proper balance soon enough…



Apt 2B Pops Up On Melrose!


About a year ago, my friend Mat launched a funky, new online furniture store called Apt 2B, which aims to sell stylish pieces at affordable prices. The timing seemed perfect: I desperately needed a new couch, er, SOFA as my current one was in a murky state of disrepair (speckled with red dots thanks to an explosion of fake blood from a 2006 House MD screener — long story). The only downside for me was that I would have to order a sofa sight-unseen as this was an online-only venture.

Well, a year later, I still have my decrepit couch, but perhaps not for long. Mat and his team have taken over the Alpha space on Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles for a month-long “pop-up” of sorts. I dropped by the opening night to finally see the goods in 3D, and I have to say, it was all super cool. I’m not just saying that because Mat is a friend of mine. I say it because I really liked what I saw. I swear I’ve fallen in love with a sectional, and at just over $1300, it’s a total steal. This could in fact signal the end of days for my old Crate & Barrel sofa.

Don’t take my word for it though. My friend Phamtastic tagged along as well, and given that she definitely knows her interior design, I hold her opinion in high regard. In short, she loved Apt 2B too, and already she’s planning on purchasing some big ticket items for her friend (who has charged her with redecorating his living room). The point is this: if you live in Los Angeles and are in the market for some stylish, funky furniture or decor, be sure to swing by the Apt 2B pop-up this month. Tell Mat that B-Side Blog sent you!

Apt 2B at Alpha
8654 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA
Mon-Sat: 11a – 7p; Sun: 12 – 6p

Until 5/31 only!

Come See ‘Watch What Crappens’ Live Tonight!

Hey everyone — in case you didn’t hear, Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo!) and I are recording a live episode of Watch What Crappens tonight in Hollywood! Well, it won’t be live across America, but we’re recording it in front of a live studio audience at the Improv Olympic (6366 Hollywood Blvd between Cosmo and Ivar). If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come by at 7:30 PM tonight and join the audience. Tickets are $5. We’ll be doing the podcast as usual, except this time… there’ll be people in front of us! Topic tonight will include Real Housewives of NJ, Real Housewives of OC, and Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding. Plus, assorted other gossip items and games. Should be fun!

No One Can Resist My Schweddy Balls (Ice Cream)


Talk about a delicious dish: Ben and Jerry’s has officially announced their newest flavor titled “Schweddy Balls,” a reference to one of the greatest Saturday Night Live skits of the ’90s. The ice cream will feature a vanilla base with a hint of rum as well as “fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.” So basically: it’s full of balls, appropriately enough.

No word on when Schweddy Balls will hit shelves (assuming it hasn’t already), but its launch will be nationwide. Limited batch only though. Grab your Balls while you can!

AolTV: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Yes, It’s Real!

Via Chris Harnick

See also: Schweddy Balls @

Also, if you’ve never seen the Schweddy Balls skit, do yourself a favor and watch the clip after the jump. Continue reading

Starbucks’ Secret Menu Revealed!


Just when you thought you knew your Starbucks inside and out, here comes a bombshell revelation: there’s a SECRET Starbucks menu. Dunh dunh DUNH. Much like the “secret menu” at In-N-Out, Starbucks has its own line of special coffee preparations, and now the Huffington Post has blown it wide open. Prepare yourself for the Green Eye, the Zebra Mocha, the Chocolate Dalmatian, and much, much more. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to take the red pill and go down the caffeinated rabbit hole…

Huffington Post: The Ultimate Guide to Starbucks’ Secret Menu