BANTER BLENDER #100: Damian Holbrook on “Gotham,” “Scorpion,” and Trolling the iPhone in a Samsung Commercial

This week, we’re joined by Damian Holbrook (TV Guide Magazine) who recently gained notoriety after his snarky Twitter dig at the new iPhone wound up in a Samsung commercial. We talk about how that happened, what the response has been, and how Damian is dealing with the onslaught of iPhone fanboys.

Then it’s on to Fall TV. We discuss some of the most talked-about shows, starting with “Gotham,” then “Scorpion” and then of course “The Mysteries of Laura.”

Lots of fun stuff here. Come listen!

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Instagram Video vs. Vine


Last week, Instagram unveiled its new video option, and within seconds, the Internet was writing the obituary for Vine, Twitter’s burgeoning social media network centered around 6 second long microbursts of video. It seemed like an obvious call: Instagram’s install base in about a bajillion times the size of Vine, and its interface is infinitely better (just try tagging a friend on Vine — it’s a pain in the ass).

However, is this really the end for Vine? Comparing and contrasting both video networks after the jump…

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How To Scare Away A Man With Your Blog


As is often the case in my life, I found myself in a Google wormhole the other day, and somehow I wound up on an inane little blog called “K’s Corner,” a curious little site with only one entry and lots of silliness. To some people, K’s Corner will be the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen. To others, it represents every single thing we hate about overly public lovebirds. You be the judge.

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10 Fixes For ‘Draw Something’ That We’d Like To See


Draw Something surfaced in late February of this year, and within days it became a top seller, going so far as to reach 50 million downloads in only fifty days. It has blown up all over pop culture, causing many people to abandon their endless Words with Friends games and opt for the quicker, more amusing thrills of drawing.

The game certainly has an appeal, but it’s not without its flaws. In fact, ask anyone whose played it for more than thirty minutes, and you’ll hear more than a fair share of grousing about the technical aspects. Truth is, Draw Something is a shoddy, shoddy app whose smart concept has somehow kept it afloat despite its shortcomings.

Luckily, gaming giant Zygna purchased OMGPOP, the small publisher of Draw Something, and soon we will be treated to a much-needed update. Rumor has it the next iteration will feature better social media integration, more words, and who knows what else.

I’m hopeful that Zygna will fix all the major problems, but in case they don’t, here are the major things that should be improved with the game.

Update: Timing is everything. Turns out Zygna released an update JUST TODAY fixing several of these issues. Yay! But still far from perfect…

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It’s Time For The ‘Sh*t People Say’ Meme To End

Please make it stop.

When “Shit Girls Say” first surfaced last month, it was hilarious. The follow-up was also very funny. It looked like a classic web series in the making. However, the internet has killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Thanks to many well-meaning but frequently unfunny imitators, the entire conceit of “Shit ____ Say” has been utterly destroyed.

Some tributes to the web series have been fairly successful (ie. Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls and Shit Spanish Girls Say), but overall, almost unilaterally the knockoffs just aren’t funny. At best, they make us smile thanks to the germ of a humorous idea, an amiable performance, or a few clever lines. But sadly, this meme has now entered the realm of “Duh! Winning!” It’s overdone, lacking in novelty, and quite frankly annoying (see example above). Plus, as wannabe viral superstars try to carve out a niche for themselves with the meme, the themes become less universal. I mean, Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say? (Ironically, this one made me laugh more than all the others. Bad example. Can’t say the same for Shit Women Say To Personal Trainers though). Sure, I may sound like a jerk — raining on many people’s parades and whatnot — but isn’t that what bloggers are for?

Take back the Internet, people.

Shit bloggers say: ENOUGH.

An Amahzing Story

Happy Endings is the funniest sitcom on TV at the moment, and one of its most endearing characters is that of Penny Hartz, played by SNL alum Casey Wilson. Chief among Penny’s quirks is her penchant for saying “amalzing” instead of “amazing,” a nifty bit of slang that is routinely rejected by the other characters on the show. Of course, I am an impressionable youth, and as such, I realized that I’ve started to incorporate “amalzing” into my everyday speech — first as a tribute to Penny but now because I can’t help myself.

That’s why yesterday afternoon, when I had twenty minutes to kill before meeting someone (appropriately enough at a bar called The Happy Ending), I decided that I would Like “amalzing” on Facebook. You can only imagine my surprise to learn that there was no Facebook page dedicated to “amalzing.” There was, however, a page dedicated to “amahzing,” which is apparently the more accepted spelling of the word. The “Amahzing” page, however, is dedicated to some product or line of something-or-another, and it most certainly is not affiliated with Happy Endings. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make a page for “Amalzing” for the sole purpose of being able to have “Ben likes Amalzing” on my Timeline.

Fun times. Fun, silly times.

But what a strange turn this simple story would take…

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Amazing Little Comic Will Make You Appreciate Life


I’m a little behind on my Internet memes, but apparently for the past three years, there’s been this thing called “Rage Comics” wherein people make comics using crudely drawn faces. If you too hadn’t heard of this, fear not. I have a wonderful introduction for you. An eighty-six year old man uploaded his very own rage comic today about his life and times, and it’s pretty great. Some of you might even shed a tear. Give it a read:

Via Buzzfeed

Thanks For The Memories, Friendster


Back in 2003, the Internet changed irreversibly, thanks to a funky new website called Friendster. It wasn’t the first social network, but it certainly was the first to achieve significant clout. For a while, it was the only game in town… until MySpace showed up and let people curse, post nudie pictures (yes, you could do that in the beginning), and design their own layouts. By the time Facebook emerged, Friendster was already going the way of the dodo.

Somehow the site has managed to hang in there thanks to a strong user base in Southeast Asia, but most everyone here in the U.S. has abandoned ship. It’s been a long, sad decline for the once buzz-worthy network, and earlier this Spring, news came that Friendster was going to massively overhaul itself. Goodbye social networking, hello gaming. Yes, yesterday was to be the last day our old Friendster profiles would exist as we know them (the deadline has since been extended). Soon, Friendster will erase all photos, messages, testimonials, and other fun, dusty stuff from our profiles, but fear not — account information and friend lists will remain intact.

With the end of days arriving for Friendster, I decided to poke around my profile to see if there was anything worth saving. What I found was an amusing time capsule of messages, including one from a pre-fame celebrity. Who knew?

Join me as we take a brief tour of my Friendster world…

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