Destroyed by ‘LA Times THE TASTE’ – In The Best Possible Way


Welp, it’s Friday, and I’ve finally emerged from a six day food coma that would make Rip Van Winkle look like an insomniac. Sure, I’ve been technically “awake” and “interacting” with people, but I think we can all agree that food coma is sometimes a state of mind — one often brought on by a never ending stream of culinary indulgences. It took days for me to no longer carry the guilt and lethargy that came from my recent pig-out at this year’s Los Angeles Times THE TASTE (one of the most awkwardly titled food festivals on the books). I dropped by this food extravaganza over Labor Day weekend and put my media comped pass to good use.

After the jump, see some pics of the bites, nibbles, and general decadence that I partook in.

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I have great news — at least for people in Los Angeles (sorry, rest of the world). There’s a new ride sharing app that’s hurling itself into the marketplace, which means that when Über is on “Surge” mode and a Lyft is nowhere to be found, you have a whole brand new option! Introducing Opoli, which is sort of like Über meets Priceline meets Taxi Magic meets whatever. Basically, users looking to get somewhere fire up the app, enter in their location and destination, and then decide how much they want to pay for the voyage. Then various drivers bid for the job — so I guess it’s like TaskRabbit also… before TaskRabbit started doing hourly rates and became annoying. According to Opoli, this is what sets the app apart from the competition — the ability to name your fare and know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the ride (goodbye traffic anxiety).

Now, why am I sitting here writing what basically sounds like a commercial? Well, first of all, shame on you. It’s not a commercial. I am merely describing the purpose of the app. And why am I doing that? Because Opoli gave me a promo code to share with my readers. So it is a commercial after all! Yay! Kind of.

Okay, here’s the important stuff. If you enter in the promo code BSIDEBLOG, you get a $50 dollar credit. That’s $50! Now you can put that money towards booze instead of transport. (Don’t drink and drive, kids. Seriously).

Here’s the deal:

Download the Opoli app or visit Opoli online, click BOOK SERVICES. Then enter promo code BSIDEBLOG for a $50 credit. You must enter the promo code prior to accepting a bid.

Oh, and there is one catch — you knew it was coming, didn’t you? This code is good for only 20 first-time riders. So if you want to cash in on this, do it soon because if you’re the 21st person to use the code, you are out of luck. BOOYAH.


(For some reason I feel I should note that Opoli gave me a promo code to try out the service, but I haven’t used it yet; so I can’t vouch for anything. But I intend to try it out!)

Inside The Grey Goose Le Melon Party

Animated Photo Booth Social Wall.JPG

We are in the throes of summer, and what better way to celebrate it by drinking (unless you’re sober, in which case that is a TERRIBLE IDEA). Conveniently, Grey Goose has just debuted a new melon variety of its much lauded vodka, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, Urban Daddy threw a party earlier this week fit for a king. Well, a Los Angeles king. And I don’t mean a hockey player.

Yes, Grey Goose LE MELON (as it’s called) derives its flavor from the cavaillon melon, a melon so prized that kings have bartered away their most valuable possessions for just a taste — at least according to the press release, and as we all know, press releases never lie. Anyway, the Grey Goose people took a hold of the whole “king” thing and ran with it, inviting Vine superstar KingBach to host the shindig at the Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills. Yours truly was also in attendance, and I’m proud to announce that I neither fell in the pool nor fell down any staircases. This is a major win for my cool cred.

Pics from the event after the jump…

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Le Ka Serves Up Le Tasty Food


There’s a bit of confusion about the relatively new downtown eatery Le Ka. Some people think it’s called Leka, others Ka Le, and perhaps a few truly misguided souls believe it’s something named Kale. Let the record show that the restaurant is named Le Ka. The story — as I remember it after a few glasses of wine — is that “Ka” means “family” in Chinese. Furthermore, “Ka” is the surname of the owners. Meanwhile, “Le,” as you may know, means “The” in French, and so the restaurant name literally means The Family… in Sino-Franco language fusion.

Sino-Fanco fusion is also at the heart of several of Le Ka’s dishes, which I recently enjoyed as part of a media-comped dinner. Located in Downtown LA (where everything cool is these days), Le Ka boasts a big, glassy space and a hearty menu full of some definite hits (and a few near misses). Check out pics of the food after the jump…

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Osteria Drago Serves Up Hearty Fall Fare


It may be shocking to believe, but there are seasons in Los Angeles, and even though the temperatures still linger in the high 60s, restaurants have filled their menus with braises and root vegetables and all that hearty fare we expect at this time of the year. One such spot is Osteria Drago, which has taken up residence in the former Il Sole space on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Fun fact: Il Sole was where Victoria and Jonathan of The Amazing Race took J-Unit and I to dinner i order to clear their names after the infamous Shovegate of 2005. They paid for dinner, and all was forgiven. What can I say? I’m an easy mark.

Nevertheless, I was recently invited to a media-comped meal yet again at Osteria Drago, but this time I can assure you the intentions were far more noble. After the jump, check out some pics of the food, and prepare yourself to be very, very hungry.

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Elevated Pub Fare at Tom Bergin’s


Founded in 1936, Tom Bergin’s remains one of the few classic (as opposed to “gastro”) Irish pubs east of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, and come St. Patrick’s Day, it’s ground zero for beer swilling celebrations in Los Angeles. There’s more than just Guinness and Bass bubbling out of the taps though. Tom Bergin’s also has a full dinner menu, which has been recently revamped by the likes of Chef Brandon Boudet (Little Dom’s, Dominick’s, 101 Coffee Shop), and on a recent media-comped meal, I was able to sample some of the offerings now on display. After the jump, check out pics of the food.

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Border Grill + Tequila Revolucion = Good Times


The Border Grill has become something of a Los Angeles institution, a crown jewel in the burgeoning empire of celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. It’s been around for over ten years and spawned two other locations, not to mention a food truck too. Aside from serving up tasty Mexican fare, the restaurant also occasionally hosts Margarita Dinners — multicourse prix fix meals that come with, you guessed it, margaritas. I was recently invited to a media-comped Margarita Dinner at the Santa Monica location, and while I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, my friend Cathy did warn me that “Ohhhh… their Margarita Dinners are soooo fun.”

After the jump, check out the tasty food and drinks I ingested at the Border Grill…

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Lobster Ice Cream: Cool or Crap?


In case you hadn’t heard, gourmet food trucks have taken over Los Angeles. It all started four or five years ago with the arrival of Kogi’s and has snowballed from there. Now we have a truck for nearly every cuisine and specialty, and so it was only inevitable that a lobster truck would pop up. I’m not complaining.

Enter Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck, which specializes in — you guessed it — lobster. When I was invited to enjoy a media-comped lunch at the truck, I was only too happy to oblige. And then when I was told there’d be lobster ice cream involved, I was all the more intrigued. I knew it had to either be really good… or really bad.

After the jump, my impressions of Cousins’ lobster ice cream…

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Berry Breakthroughs on Drago Centro’s Summer Cocktail Menu


A few months ago, I raved about the totally awesome spring cocktails at Drago Centro, the esteemed Italian eatery in Downtown Los Angeles. Well, the seasons have changed, and so have the libations. Gone are mixologist Jaymee Mandeville’s fanciful uses of dill and honeycomb and kumquat. In their place are a new slate of drinks, many of which feature my most mortal enemy: BERRIES.

Avid readers of this blog know that I have some strange, woeful distaste for berries that makes me generally gag upon first taste, not to mention whiff. But given that being a food blogger is very serious business, I felt it was my God-given duty to bravely put aside my own apprehensions and dive headfirst into the fruity minefield that is the Drago Centro summer cocktail menu. Never has a media-comped meal been so fraught with anxiety.

Did I survive? Well, obviously yes. I’m here writing, aren’t I? But the trauma, the agony — was I able to rise above? Pictures of this most important journey after the jump…

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Apt 2B Pops Up On Melrose!


About a year ago, my friend Mat launched a funky, new online furniture store called Apt 2B, which aims to sell stylish pieces at affordable prices. The timing seemed perfect: I desperately needed a new couch, er, SOFA as my current one was in a murky state of disrepair (speckled with red dots thanks to an explosion of fake blood from a 2006 House MD screener — long story). The only downside for me was that I would have to order a sofa sight-unseen as this was an online-only venture.

Well, a year later, I still have my decrepit couch, but perhaps not for long. Mat and his team have taken over the Alpha space on Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles for a month-long “pop-up” of sorts. I dropped by the opening night to finally see the goods in 3D, and I have to say, it was all super cool. I’m not just saying that because Mat is a friend of mine. I say it because I really liked what I saw. I swear I’ve fallen in love with a sectional, and at just over $1300, it’s a total steal. This could in fact signal the end of days for my old Crate & Barrel sofa.

Don’t take my word for it though. My friend Phamtastic tagged along as well, and given that she definitely knows her interior design, I hold her opinion in high regard. In short, she loved Apt 2B too, and already she’s planning on purchasing some big ticket items for her friend (who has charged her with redecorating his living room). The point is this: if you live in Los Angeles and are in the market for some stylish, funky furniture or decor, be sure to swing by the Apt 2B pop-up this month. Tell Mat that B-Side Blog sent you!

Apt 2B at Alpha
8654 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA
Mon-Sat: 11a – 7p; Sun: 12 – 6p

Until 5/31 only!