Random Pictures from the Dr. Drew Launch Party


HLN is debuting a new show starring Dr. Drew Pinsky next week called… Dr. Drew. To celebrate the premiere, the news network staged a nifty little soirée last night at Katana here in Los Angeles. I don’t really have much to report from the event, but since I went and took advantage of the open bar and free apps, I figured I’d pay the organizers back by throwing some publicity their way. Check out some random pics after the jump. Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘Real Housewife’ Taylor Armstrong Tight-lipped About Dog’s Fate


I caught up with Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills yesterday at Bravo’s Upfront presentation, and while I was only able to ask one question, I’m sure the response will LIGHT UP THE INTERNET. Check out the video above…

VIDEO: Padma Lakshmi Gives B-Side Blog A Roast Chicken Recipe!


Yesterday, I covered a Bravo red carpet event, which meant I had my dream come true of meeting Padma Lakshmi, hostess of Top Chef. Here’s a video of me asking her about what I should bring to a pot luck later that night. I was very impressed with how quickly she thought of a recipe (compared to Curtis Stone, who as you’ll see in a later video, became a touch flustered).

Anyway, the sad news is that I was too tired to go to the potluck last night, but you can bet that when it rolls around again next week, I’m bringing this dish (and bragging about its origins all the way).

Thanks PAD!

PHOTOS: B-Side Blog Tangles With Bravo Celebrities at Red Carpet Event


My head is about to explode. I just met way too many Bravo celebrities for my system to handle.

Tonight, as we speak, Bravo is holding a party just down the street at the Roosevelt Hotel for its various stars and luminaries. The event has been billed as both an “Upfronts presentation” and a season finale bash for Top Chef. Whatever it was, there were many Bravo faces there, and when I got the invite to cover the red carpet, I was only too happy to sign up. This was actually quite momentous for me as I’d never done a red carpet before. I tell people that I like to be IN the party, not behind the press lines, but let’s be honest: the real reason I’d never done a red carpet is that I’m often too lazy to go fight may way past other bloggers and reporters (and then later transcribe whatever drivel I’ve captured on film).

Still, even though I’m generally loathe to go to cover a red carpet, there were just too many Housewives and Top Chef stars to ignore. Plus, this was all going on just feet from my pad. How could I say no? And so with my handy camera, I headed to the event and took many pictures and videos. The videos probably won’t go up until tomorrow. But for now, we have plenty of pics… Continue reading

Inside Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People Party 2011


Paper Magazine held a party for its annual “Beautiful People” issue last night at the Standard in West Hollywood, and I was lucky enough to snag an invitation to the swanky event. Also attending were the lovely Phamtastic and Ashton, who have become two of my more reliable nightlife co-pilots in recent weeks. The three of us headed on out to the party in our most Beautiful People-y outfits, which in the case of me meant wearing a shirt missing three buttons. Thankfully, Phamtastic’s Asian roots meant that she could quickly and efficiently repair the situation, and while the people watching was highly enjoyable, it could barely hold a candle to the pure joy I had in watching Phamtastic toil with needle and thread on my shirt.

But I digress. The party was super fun, and there was a lovely smattering of low-level celebrities to keep it interesting. Plus, Keri Hilson performed. To quote Ina Garten: “How bad can THAT be?”

Pictures from the fête after the jump…

Continue reading

Inside the Nylon Magazine 12th Anniversary Party


Nylon Magazine celebrated its twelfth anniversary tonight with a big ol’ bash at Tru in Hollywood, a swanky new club that hasn’t even opened to the public. I headed on over to the event with my friend Julia (sadly, the lovely Phamtastic was out of town and couldn’t join us), and even though it was unseasonably cold out, I knew things would be ever so hot inside, mostly because Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was just two feet behind me as I walked in the door. Yes, I had hit the pop culture sweet spot with this party, and by the end of the evening I had taken photos with stars of the holy trinity of TV shows: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The City, and Gossip GirlContinue reading

A Night At The Roxbury (And Then Some)


I had it in my mind Friday night that I’d be spending the evening in watching The Soup and catching up on work. And yet somehow I wound up going out and about in Hollywood instead. That’s probably thanks to two of my lady friends, Phamtastic and Ashton, who were hot to trot for some nightlife. Who was I to deny them that?

The three of us headed to Michael Utsinger’s “NYC Invades LA” event at The Roxbury, the iconic ’90s hotspot (and movie namesake) which has been reborn in Hollywood after having been shuttered for over a decade. Some random pictures from the event as well as various embarrassing photos of me dancing after the jump… Continue reading

Random Reality Stars From The Fig & Olive Opening


The Los Angeles branch (pun INTENDED) of Fig & Olive restaurant opened last night, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the swanky event. The bash featured a full-on red carpet, which I walked with my cohort, and I’m happy to report that absolutely none of the three paparazzi who were standing there bored paused to snap a photo of us. Apparently they didn’t realize that I am the STAAAAR of Housewives Hoedown, the video podcast that has taken the Internet by STORM!!!

Anyway, Sly and I eventually found our way inside the massive restaurant where we ran into friends (such as the inimitable Katherine Spiers) as well as a smattering of reality stars. Above, I found Vienna from The Bachelor, who was just about as sweet and friendly as can be. I actually wanted to be her friend. Points against her: she’s not familiar with Ina Garten’s oeuvre. But that’s okay. I can teach her.

Nevertheless, Vienna revealed that she loves to cook and does so nearly every night. I’m sensing a starry Adventure in Domesticity on the horizon (Vienna, CALL ME).

After the jump, a super unexpected reality star… Continue reading

B-Side Blog Attends QVC Red Carpet Party, Invades Personal Space


In case you didn’t hear, the Oscars happened this weekend, and Los Angeles officially entered celebration mode — a mode it’s actually been in for three weeks, what with the NBA All-Star Game and Grammys taking up party real-estate for the prior two Sundays. Naturally I was more than eager to take part in the festivities; so when Fox 411 writer Meaghan Murphy invited me to join her at the QVC “Buzz on the Red Carpet” event on Friday, I leapt at the opportunity.

Now I know what you’re saying: QVC had a red carpet event? They did. And here’s what’s crazy: legitimate A-Listers and Oscar nominees showed up, including Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Lawrence, and eventual winner Melissa Leo. Of course, I saw none of them, but I did spend a solid ten minutes next to Mark Ruffalo at the valet stand when I left. Spoiler alert: he’s really short (and also quite friendly).

Anyway, more trifling celebrity stories as well as a few pictures after the jump… Continue reading