My Afternoon With Kobe Bryant

Last weekend I was invited to Kobe Bryant’s handprint and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Not only was it my first time attending such an event, but it was also the first time the legendary theater had honored an athlete. This was a momentous and historic occasion, and in an effort to document it, I happily borrowed my friend’s Flipcam (thanks, Phamtastic!) and headed over to the ceremony, not really sure what was in store for me. All I wanted was some sort of interaction with Kobe — whether it be a conversation or just a nod hello (but ideally a conversation, with the option of becoming best friends). I can assure you that I did have some success. It’s all in the video above.

I may be a Knicks fan through and through, but I was gladly “purp & yellow” that day.

Random Pics From The “Love Is Louder” Party


Last night the good people at Instinct magazine invited me to the Love Is Louder Valentine’s Event, which was a swanky partay in Beverly Hills to honor the new Love Is Louder anti-bullying t-shirt. Since this was being held at the fashionable Rock & Republic store on Robertson, I knew I had to bring my most chic friend, and that person was the ever on-trend Phamtastic, who has happily spent the past two and a half months renovating my wardrobe. We put on some cool duds and headed over to the soiree where we encountered a gaggle of beautiful people, all of whom were dressed impeccably in blacks, whites, and grays. Thank God I eschewed my Hypercolor t-shirt for a gray cardigan. Nevertheless, there was good music, free Magnolia Bakery items, and frozen yogurt from Yogurt Stop. And did I mention the reality stars? People, this was my kind of party.

A few random pics after the jump…

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Epic Halloween Weekend Leads To Annual Batch of Embarrassing Photos


People might not realize this, but Halloween in Los Angeles can be a crazy, crazy experience, and this past weekend was no exception. Luckily, my friends and I always seem to have a camera on hand, which means much of the ridiculousness can be documented. Sadly, we did miss some vital pics — such as the annual onslaught of sexy iterations of generally non-sexy things: sexy Waldo, sexy Freddy Krueger, sexy Chilean miners, etc. I even think I saw a sexy version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Pictures (of slutty and non-slutty costumes alike) after the jump…

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Inside the Nylon Young Hollywood Party


Nylon magazine held a party for “Young Hollywood” last night, and my friend Jenny and her friends managed to wrangle invites for themselves. Jenny got me on the list too, but by the time I got there, the fire marshall had shown up and shut down the line. This was a tragic setback for me and my celebrity sighting ambitions, but fear not, I did have two noteworthy run-ins. First, as I mentioned in my City photocap, I walked right by Whitney Port, who looked stunning — no exaggeration. Less glamorous but still worthy of my excitement was my second “star”: Robyn from Kell on Earth. She was actually working the door, and I must admit I felt a sense of trepidation as I approached her. I thought she was going to just throw me out of the Roosevelt Hotel (and then complain that I hadn’t filed something properly). My interaction with her was fine though, and she merely redirected me to a table outside for check-in (which, sadly, never happened thanks to the pesky fire marshall).

Well, I missed out, but Jenny got into the party, and she brought along her little Pink Toy Phone. I capitalize the letters because Jenny and her friends have launched a little Facebook community devoted to this “phone,” which in actuality is just a trinket from McDonald’s. The deal with the Pink Toy Phone is that Jenny and her friends bring it to cool places (usually in Hollywood) and take pictures of it with various people, celebrities, or who knows what. Just think of it as Flat Stanley, except not flat and much gayer.

Nevertheless, Jenny certainly got a few choice pics of the phone with various luminaries (mostly from The Hills). Her pics — with and without the phone — after the jump. Continue reading

Pics From Inside the 'Reality Matters' Party


For those of you reading this blog or following my Twitter, you know I’ve been shilling Reality Matters, the reality TV anthology that I have contributed to. Well, last night, there was a party at Les Deux for the book, and so of course I showed up all ready to preen around for the press and whatnot. Turns out the press didn’t really care about me, but just because my ego had been trampled and raped and left for dead didn’t mean I couldn’t have a fantastic time. After all, there were reality-stars aplenty there. I busted out my camera and took photos with as many as I could (although, quite frankly, I missed the majority of them like Trishelle and Charlie O’Connell and a handful of others).

After the jump, check out my pics from the evening. Fun times had by all!

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"Eat My Blog" Charity Bake Sale a Rousing Success!


Last week I posted something about “Eat My Blog,” which was a charity bake sale put on by a bunch of bloggers in the Los Angeles area. I’m proud to report that according to organizer Cathy Danh from gas•tron•o•my, the event raised over $3,000! That’s kind of insane. I didn’t think bake sales could even raise a fraction of that, but I suppose one should never underestimate the power of sugary baked goods. Nevertheless, the event was such a hit that there are already tentative plans for a second one in a few months. Will keep you all updated…
After the jump, a few pics from the bake sale.

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B-Side Blog Goes To Disneyland!


This year, Disneyland has been running a promotion allowing people to visit the theme park for free on their birthdays. It just so happens that I turned a year older last week; so I happily took advantage of this offer and headed down to Anaheim for a day of whimsy and make-believe (which is not unlike my normal afternoon). Joining me on this adventure was Lil Grans and none other than IndianJones, who was back in the ‘hood for the weekend. Jash and Sly were also hoping to make the trip as well, but work obligations kept them away from the Happiest Place on Earth (or “the happiest place in the world,” as IndianJones mistakenly called it).
After the jump, some photos from our day at Disney.

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"EAT MY BLOG" Charity Bake Sale Descends On Hollywood This Weekend


To anyone living in Los Angeles — especially the Hollywood / West Hollywood area — check this out. On Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, a blogger bake sale will be going down at Zeke’s Smokehouse on Santa Monica Blvd. Yours truly will be participating, as will a host of other bloggers such as Lisa Timmons from, Cathy from gas•tron•o•my, and Diana from Diana Takes A Bite. Also, word has it that bloggers from the LA Times and LA Weekly will be present as well.
There will be plenty of delicious items to buy (I’m contributing blondies), and all proceeds go to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. Please come by and support a great cause! At the very least, you can meet some bloggers, and who wouldn’t want to do that?
Zeke’s Smokehouse:
7100 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
December 5th, 10 AM to 5 PM
A full list of participating bloggers after the jump.

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A Trip To The Grammy Museum!

I spend a lot of time writing about TV and food, but every now and then, I like to escape the confines of my apartment and take in one of Los Angeles’s many activities and offerings. Conveniently, my friends Jen and Hannah provided such an opportunity to me this past weekend. You see, Jen works for the The Recording Academy, and as such, she furnished a lovely tour of the new Grammy museum in downtown Los Angeles for Hannah and me. We’d been talking for months about organizing a trip, and at last, we put it on the books and did the deed.
Photos from this random jaunt after the jump.

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HALLOWEEN 2009: More Goofy Pictures Than One Can Imagine


There’s nothing quite like Halloween on a Saturday, especially in West Hollywood, CA, where over 500,000 people convene to show off their costumes and check out everyone else’s in what usually proves to be the people watching event of the year. And as you all know, if there’s anything I love, it’s people watching. In 2008, I got all arts & crafty and built a Price Is Right costume that I was sure would wow the masses. It was certainly well received, but I must confess that it really didn’t elicit the rapturous response I was really going for. And yes, I’m very shallow about these things. I won’t mince words: I wanted attention.
This time around, I decided I’d go with a sure-fire strategy. If I wanted my costume to be a rousing success, I’d have to a) walk around in as little clothes as possible, or b) engage in some ’80s nostalgia. Guess which option won out? A few trips to some thrift stores later (not to mention Michael’s in Burbank and a wig shop in Hollywood), and I had all the essential items needed to make my very own Zack Morris costume. Cheap ’80s nostalgia, here I come!
Warning — somewhat NSFW. Buttocks, bare chests, and tranny areolas (not in that order) after the jump…

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