Comment of the Week: 3/13/11 – 3/20/11

In an effort to promote further activity on the site and community building and all that fun stuff, I’ve decided to introduce a Comment of the Week feature that will highlight some of the best and funniest contributions by you, my dear readers. Whoever is selected will have his or her quote featured on the […]

‘Dirty Dancing’ in Sixty Seconds, As Portrayed By Germans

Yesterday I posted a brilliant sixty-second version of Inception that was part of a competition to recreate movies in exactly one minute. Here is another submission to the contest, and it’s just as amusing in a totally different way.

QUICK HIT: 50 Cent Duets With Keenan Cahill

For some reason I really like the pairing of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent, especially when it yields even stranger pairings, such as 50 Cent with Internet sensation Keenan Cahill. The two joined forces on Chelsea Lately to perform an endearing lipsynch together, replete with choreographed head turns. Video and further details available here: Socialite […]

QUICK HIT: Fun Finds At Chinese Walmarts!

Here’s something fun. Someone compiled a list of sixteen items that are only sold at Chinese Walmarts. Some of the choices (turtles, frogs) may leave you grossed out, but on the flip side, now you’ll have a wonderful conversation starter at the next cocktail party you attend. Thanks NEIL for the link. Buzzfeed: 16 Items […]


I think it’s safe to say that I am not a particularly strong or flexible person, which is why yoga may not be a perfect fit for me (check out my first time here). Nevertheless, that didn’t stop my friend Meeshie from trying to teach me a move called “Crow.” She videotaped my pitiful attempt, […]

LITERALLY, Rachel Zoe Gets A Clue

Oh my God. Rachel Zoe has LITERALLY made it big time. Yesterday, while flying across the country on American Airlines, I of course took advantage of the crossword puzzle in the back of the American Way magazine, and what should appear as the clue of 17 Down? Well, I’ll let you take a look for […]

Brad Paisley Tries His Hand at New Yorker Cartoons, Isn’t Awful

Just the other night, my friends and I were talking about the ridiculous yet awesome haughtiness that is a New Yorker cartoon caption, noting that the only way to truly win the magazine’s caption contest is to write something oblique about therapy or alimony. Perhaps country crooner Brad Paisley should have taken heed when he […]