Journey To The Corpse Flower


Earlier this week, B-Side Blog reader Sisofjash sent me an email urging me to go to the nearby Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena to check out the very rare and supposedly very malodorous blooming of a “corpse flower.” This exciting event only happens once every few years, and apparently, it’s been witnessed by humans less than a hundred times EVER. I’m not a big flower person, but I always like an adventure, and I hadn’t been to the botanical gardens in several years; so I thought, why not? I wrangled my friend Lorie, and the two of us headed East to Pasadena.
Pics of our afternoon in the gardens, culminating with the corpse flower, after the jump…

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The Real Housewives Head Into Space!


Earlier this month, NASA commenced the final servicing for the Hubble Telescope, and while the photos of the mission are fascinating, I felt they could use some added pizzazz. What better way to spice up some boring space shots than by adding some nouveau riche women into the mix?
After the jump, I present you The Real Housewives in outer space!

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I just felt the earth move under my feet, but nothing came tumbling down, thankfully. Like a good citizen, I immediately sprang from my chair (which was already swaying) and firmly ensconced myself under a door frame for a good ten seconds while everything rattled around me. Nothing fell or broke though. I didn’t even lose power. Huzzah! Still, kind of scary.
This just in: it was a 5.8 5.4 magnitude quake. More info here.

Shut up, ECLIPSE!


Over the last few days, there’s been all sorts of hubbub about the latest lunar eclipse, and while I was fascinated by this celestial event, I knew ultimately it would be a waste of time to get overly invested in it. I mean, the odds of witnessing any sort of intergalactic spectacle were firmly against me. Not only is light-polluted Los Angeles like the worst city ever for astronomy, but there’d been cloud cover all day long. And even if it were a perfectly clear night, chances were that I’d have to go out onto my roof or something to see the stupid eclipse, and we all knew that wasn’t about to happen. I live a very sedentary lifestyle. If I’m gonna get up from my chair, it’s gonna be for a solar eclipse, not some lame-ass lunar bullshizz. Sorry, but I’ll just have catch the show next time it’s in town three years from now.
WELL, imagine my surprise this evening when I happened to look out my window and see there — in plain sight — the moon slowly entering a world of shadowy darkness. I mean, it’s not a shock that the moon was highly visible. After all, that kind of is it’s whole “thing.” But what was a shock was that I could watch the whole thing from the comfort of my desk chair. That’s right. I didn’t even have to move my damn ass to witness tonight’s lunar eclipse. It’s almost as if the moon goddess herself had said to me, “You know what, B-Side? You just sit right there, and I’ll bring this to you. No, honestly, I don’t mind. Sit there. Seriously, sit there. Do not get up! DO NOT!” Okay, so the goddess Diana is a bit wordy and servile in my mind, but that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to say is that despite my expectations to the contrary, I got to see the lunar eclipse in all its (kinda anticlimactic) glory. Some grainy pictures after the jump.

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