WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #54: 1st Annual Crappy Awards!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #53: Bye-ami and Twinkie Arm Pits

This week’s very special holiday Watch What Crappens centered around the finale and reunion of Real Housewives of Miami and Reza’s obsession with being an awful pit obsessed gay that’s mean to fat friends. Come on in!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #52: The Morally Corrupt Heifers of Sunset

Once again we have so much to talk about on “Watch What Crappens.” Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), and Ben Mandelker ( take on The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick as well as all the other ladies of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Then it’s off to the “heifahs” of “Atlanta” for some Anguilla […]

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #51: Pooty Wooty Booty Tooty Booby Tooby

In Episode 51 of Watch What Crappens, we continue our Golden Anniversary celebration with talk of GG’s crazy ass on Shahs of Sunset, the sad low ratings of Million Dollar Decorators, and the insane Kenya of RHOA. Come on in!!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #49: That’s So Persian!

This week on Watch What Crappens, Ben Mandelker (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), and Ronnie Karam ( tackle more shows than ever before. We get down and dirty with Top Chef, Flipping Out, Million Dollar Decorators, Shahs of Sunset, Watch What Happens, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and Miami. Plus, scoop on […]

Join Our ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Viewing Party!

The Watch @WhatCrappens Podcast will be having a Shahs of Sunset viewing party tonight, sponsored by Bravo (yay!), and we’ll be live tweeting the show! We’ll be online a bit before 7 PM Eastern time, and to join in the fun you can follow the hashtag #shahswwc from @TVgasm and @bsideblog on Twitter. Our posts […]

And Now A Message From Reza from ‘Shahs of Sunset’

Ladies, I know you’re lining up to have Reza from Shahs of Sunset be your main gay. But please know that he has many stipulations before he takes on a new bestie. Some of them I can get behind, but his hatred of cheap food (specifically menus that “end in 99”) means that he’ll never […]

SHAHS OF SUNSET: Bingeing and Persian in Vegas

The Shahs of Sunset has not pulled in stellar ratings, which is too bad because the show is almost impossibly addictive. These characters — all disaster, all appealing — scream and yell their way through an episode like unruly drunkards, which is quite possibly what they are. So far, there hasn’t been much on screen […]

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Episode 9 – Vegas, Shootings, and Bunco

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another episode of Watch What Crappens. This week, Ronnie, Matt, and I get all hot and bothered over the latest episode of Shahs of Sunset, which features the gang somehow making Vegas more tackier than it is. Then it’s off to Atlanta to discuss gunfire at Derek J’s […]