AMERICAN IDOL RECAP: Semifinals From Hell Are Almost Done

I thought I’d switch things up a little this week and write about the boyz and the girlz of American Idol all in one post. Why? Well, because I forgot to write about the girls yesterday. Nevertheless, after enduring a third improved but not necessarily exciting week of semifinals, we are poised to learn who […]

AMERICAN IDOL RECAP: Introducing The Ladies

At long last, American Idol entered the performance phase of the competition last night, debuting a dozen women who all attempted to win us over with their vocal prowess. The degree to which they succeeded is a bit murky. Some of them proved to have very strong voices, others were more emotionally effecting. None were […]

'Idol' Returns To Los Angeles with Most ProActiv-y Guest Judges Yet!

Apologies for taking a week off on the American Idol coverage last week. I fell woefully behind on my DVR and writing (I still haven’t watched any of this season of 24 yet, but don’t worry, I’m gonna chip away at it as soon as I’m done with this post; hopefully with a recap soon). […]

The Devil Went Down To Georgia… and So Did 'American Idol.'

American Idol headed down to the ATL last night, home of Ryan Seacrest, Coca-Cola, and America’s burgeoning Independence Party industry. While this trip down to Hotlanta lacked any weave-pulling brawls or bombastic helicopter entrances, I’m happy to report that it was just as entertaining as any given episode of last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. […]

'Idol' Returns, Now With 100% Less Paula

Well, it’s official. American Idol is back, and everything over the next five months will more or less center around it. Sure, there’ll be diversions, but it’s the same thing every year: endless pontificating about singing and style and commercial viability, leading to gradually intensifying loyalties until lines are drawn in the sand with the […]