ANTM Winner Resurfaces in New Steph Jones Video

When Salesha Stowers won America’s Next Top Model a few years ago, there was controversy about her title coming as a result of favoritism from Tyra Banks. After all, Salesha was a proud alumna of Tyra’s modeling camp (titled T-Zone), and many cynical types saw her victory as a sneaky marketing campaign for said camp. Well, Salesha has had the last laugh with a rather active modeling career that now includes the lofty title “video girl.” In 2009, she appeared in a Robin Thicke clip, and now Salesha can be seen all sexy and sweaty with none other than my favorite R&B Twitter buddy Steph Jones. The two get up close and personal in his video for “Southern Love,” which has all the makings of classic baby-making music in the style of pre-cracked-out D’Angelo. Needless to say, it’s a touch steamy. So if you feel like getting your groove on in your office cubicle, enjoy the video. Fun times had by all I’m sure.

Australia’s Next Top NOT Model

Ever wonder what would happen if Ryan Seacrest read the wrong results on the American Idol finale? Or if the wrong picture flashed on the screen during the coronation of America’s Next Top Model? Well, the latter situation pretty much happened on the live finale of Australia’s Next Top Model. Let’s just say it was… awkward.

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Miss J Demoted On 'Top Model'


Breaking news! According to Reality Blurred, androgynous Top Model mainstay “Miss J”Alexander has been demoted from judge to mentor, thus meaning we’ll be deprived of some of the runway coach’s more thoughtful insights such as “She done better show that BOOTY!” or “TWEET TWEET TWEET LIKE A BIRD, GIRL!” or “That’s not a model face, that’s a model TRAIN face! Because that face is a TRAIN WRECK! TOOOT TOOOOOT TOOOOOOOT!!! She crashed into a cow on the train tracks with her face! And that cow was her body because she got a cow body! MoooOOOO!!!”
Taking over the vacant spot on the panel will be fashion personality André Leon Talley, who certainly is no less annoying than Miss J, but at least he has some clout in the industry to legitimize himself.
When asked to comment about his demotion, Miss J merely replied “OOOOooooooOOOOoooOOOOOO child!!!”, later adding “He done better get his booo-booo-BOOO on the mmmmHMMMMM, weeeeeOOOOOweeee.” He then fluttered his eye lashes, patted his hair, and said “This is a hot mess right here, that’s what it is.” At which point Tyra appeared out of nowhere to announce, “You so crazy, Miss J!” causing Miss J to respond, “Crazy like a fool! CUCKOOO! CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!!” This in turn caused Tyra to repeatedly thrust herself forward like a fierce cuckoo bird, with Miss J shouting “WURK IT! WURK IT!” with each surge forward.
Actually, none of that happened, but to read more, check out the full story here.

AND WHATNOT: Farts, Phone Sex, and 'Big Brother.'

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Wanna Be On Top?

This could be you! ANTM winner, Jaslene Gonzalez.

Since it’s a well known fact that my readers are the most beautiful and striking readers on the Internets, it should come as no surprise that a “modeling consultant” involved in the casting of America’s Next Top Model contacted yours truly about the latest search for Tyra’s next crop of beauties. That’s right, if you always thought you could work the runway and endure hours of Miss Jay’s not-very-funny humor, then this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. ANTM is casting for its next season, and you could be exactly who they’re looking for.
If you want to get into the action, check out the casting notice at Got Cast. And remember, if you make it onto the show, I expect minor props and/or a lock of hair.
Pic courtesy of Socialite Life

Tyra Banks: A Veritable Mosaic of Emotion


Behold the Tyra Banks school of facial dexterity. You can just barely hear her scolding an ingenue for doing “this” [goofy smile, fluttering eyelids] and not “this” [pursed lips, narrow eyes]. To Tyra’s credit though, only she could pull off this silly collection of smiles with such a gigantic mane of hair.
For more insights into the world of Tyra, be sure to read the New York Times Magazine article here.
UPDATE: For an amazing video of Tyra showing off her smiles, click here. (Only the first two minutes pertain to smiling, the rest is just Tyra-talk)

CoverGirl Utilizes New Tongue Twister To Sell Products

Back in Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model, we watched the girls stumble and slur their way through one of the most ill-conceived product titles of all time: the Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer. To the uninitiated (ie. me), it sounded like the models were merely saying “westshlicksfritzsprtizer,” especially when queen marble-mouth Jaslene got in on the action. Now CoverGirl is back with yet another tongue twister of a product name, and sure enough, Fatima, Whitney, and Anya all managed to completely botch it, reducing the brand to a mishmash of syllables that sounded not unlike “blashtlashtlashblahsshsblashssplash.” I don’t blame the girls. I blame whoever came up with the stupid tagline.
Nevertheless, I’m not even going to say what this product is called because trying to guess the words is half the fun.

Reality Star Causes Delays, Frustration at Local Yogurt Shop


Two days ago, my boring old trip to the frozen yogurt shop was made considerably more amusing and bizarre with the sudden appearance of a dairy-hoarding, jalopy-driving Faye Dunaway. The entire experience was so strange that I couldn’t help but to blog all about it. Then again, I blog about lint I find in my belly button; so I suppose it’s not so surprising that I immediately ran back to my keyboard to detail the event. But I digress (as usual).
Well, I returned to the fateful yogurt shop tonight after a spicy Thai dinner mandated the sort of cold relief that only a healthy serving of frozen yogurt (or ice cream, really) could provide. Little did I realize that my return to Angelina Yogurt would yield another star sighting with equally noteworthy behavior. Of course, I use the term “star” in its loosest possible way. I’m talking about a reality star, and a long since forgotten one at that. But hey, a name is a name, and even if she was just a normal person, her etiquette deserved to be broadcast to the world anyway.

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