STALKER REPORT: Celebrity Apprentice Edition

Coming to you from the same person who successfully stalked Erin Kaplan of The City comes yet another batch of celebrity sightings — this time with pictures.
Writes the stalker:

Here are some photos from a few weeks ago when I came out of the subway and stumbled across an amazing sighting.
I figured Blago and the other Celebrity Apprentice people wouldn’t mind if I took pictures. In fact, Bret Michaels was even taking photos of people taking photos!
Erin seems like less of an fame whore so I left her alone.

Behold some pictures from the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice after the jump.

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'Apprentice' Mansion Up For Sale!


Hey, remember that awful season of The Apprentice that took place in Los Angeles and totally jumped the shark and nearly ruined the entire franchise? Well, the house that all those people stayed in (or at least the ones that weren’t stuck in the yard) is up for sale. The estate has nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and enough space to tent as many losers in the backyard as you see fit. So if you’ve got a few extra million hanging around, why not give it a shot? It’s part of reality TV history!
Check out more pics and details here.
Thanks to jash for the link

Omarosa/Wendy Williams Encounter Goes Pretty Much As Well As You'd Think It Would

It’s always exciting when two drag queens get into a spat, but since I don’t have a clip of that, I’ll show you the next best thing: Omarosa appearing on The Wendy Williams Show. Now, I loved Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice, but I’ve come to realize that I can only tolerate her in the presence of Mr. Trump. Everywhere else, she’s pretty much insufferable. Case in point: these clips, which are bitchy and awkward right from the first few seconds. I gotta give Wendy Williams props (you won’t hear me saying that often) for biting her tongue (for the most part) and attempting to stick to the interview. Not that she’s totally restrained. This is Wendy Williams after all, a notorious DJ who famously tangled with Whitney Houston in 2003. Even on her best behavior, she can’t resist slipping in a few catty comments about Omarosa’s implants and face (“Black don’t crack. She’s crackin’.”). This is what live TV is all about, people.
The first catty clip is above. A second video featuring continued passive-aggressiveness (and then full-on aggressiveness) after the jump. Note that these cilps are several minutes long. You can skip around to your favorite parts, but I must say, watching Wendy Williams’s face repeatedly go sour is well worth taking in the entire experience, as it were.

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