QUICK HIT: If ‘Gossip Girl’ Goes There, I May Have To Quit It


The last new Gossip Girl episode alluded to something so dark… so awful… that I just can’t bring myself to spell it out. Now rumors are intensifying that the writers are about to indeed “go there” between two characters. I don’t want it to happen. If it does… I don’t know how I can continue to watch the show in good faith (I mean, I’ll watch, but I won’t like it).

Details here.

Ed Westwick Finally Lands a Movie Role

After posting about Leighton Meester’s dumb new movie The Roommate yesterday, I got to thinking about the state of the Gossip GIrl actors. The show will certainly not go on forever — surely its expensive budget, increasingly weak writing, and dwindling ratings bode poorly for it; so it’s only natural that we look forward to see how the cast will fare post-cancellation (whenever that may be). Curiously enough, it seems as though the most annoying actors on the show seem to have the best film prospects (save for Taylor Momson, who has done a fine job of sinking her own career, thanks to some horrific raccoon makeup). Nevertheless, it seems as though Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have racked up the most high profile movies in their tenure on Gossip Girl, which makes little sense because let’s face it: Chuck & Blair > Dan & Serena. Continue reading

‘The Roommate’ Proves To Be Darkest Episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ Yet

I’m not so into scary movies (read: I’m a pussy), but I might have to make an exception for this flick because a) it doesn’t look scary, and b) it’s Single White Female with BLAIR WALDORF. If ever there was a winning Hollywood pitch, it’s that. Let’s face it: for years Blair has threatened to go all SWF on Serena van der Woodsen, and now she finally gets a chance! Except instead of turning psycho on Blake Lively, she’ll go after Minka Kelly, which is good enough for me (especially since the ever annoying Alyson Michalka looks like she gets murdered tout de suite).

As an added bonus, the cast list features two supporting actors from Titanic: Frances Fisher and Billy Zane. To quote Ina Garten, how bad can that be?

HOLY CRAP: this could be the BAREFOOT CONTESSA OF TEEN THRILLERS. Rushing to Fandango as we speak…

Check It Out: TV Banter!

Hey everyone. Cool news from the world of the Interwebs. I’m going to be hosting a videocast for Talk Media Networks where I talk about — you guessed it: TV! We’ve only done one show, and it’s all a bit rough around the edges, but that’s sort of the way online shows go. I’m sure it will find its voice and narrow its focus over the next several episodes, but for a “pilot,” I thought it was pretty fun.

Joining me for the first episode (which was recorded live last week on UStream) is my friend Matt Whitfield, the features editor from Yahoo! Entertainment. The two of us discuss every Housewives franchise and then some (and yes, we couch The A-List into the discussion) as well as Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community, Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore. Be sure to check it out!

And as for “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” fear not: we’ll be taping a new episode tomorrow!

Tim Gunn Hates Taylor Momsen


The Gossip Girl premiere aired earlier this week, and by all accounts, it was very well received. Missing from the action, however, was Jenny Humphrey, who was last seen being sent off to a mysterious school named “Hudson” at the end of last season. I suspect that we’ll be seeing Jenny again, but then again, if she was shipped off the show, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, given the harsh words that fashion guru Tim Gunn has for the starlet.

Speaking to E! about his guest stint on Gossip Girl last season, Tim Gunn had withering comments about Little J, noting her inability to remember lines, get off her phone, or act in a professional manner. “You know young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?” he told E!.

It all sounds uncharacteristically catty for Mr. Gunn, but then again, I too would be irritable if I had to stare down those raccoon eyes all day.

For the full story, check out the link below:

Socialite Life: God, I Love Tim Gunn.

Ten Things To Change About ‘Gossip Girl’


The Gossip Girl season finale has come and gone, and while it was certainly a strong episode, this season as a whole has left something to be desired. Don’t get me wrong — I still lurve the ongoing adventures of Chuck and Blair and whoever else is on the show — but there have been a few peevish things that need to be addressed so that our fourth go at it will be better than ever. A full list of recommended changes after the jump.

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GOSSIP GIRL RECAP: xoxo, Gagassip Girl


There have been many strange Gossip Girl episodes, but probably none as bizarre as last night’s installment, which somehow hinged on a combination of cabaret, Lady Gaga, Snow White, and, of course, a threesome. None of it really should have made sense, and I’m not saying that it really did, but the end product was still highly enjoyable, even if the central premise of the hour was a bit contrived.
It all began with Blair announcing her desire to take over the Tisch drama kids, an endeavor that felt a bit ridiculous in this post-Constance world of NYU. Still, we like Blair when she’s on a petty mission, and none could be as petty as this latest adventure, which sent her into that awful coffee shop in an effort to ingratiate herself into the world of blue blood acting wannabes. Unfortunately for Blair, this social takeover wasn’t the cakewalk she was expecting. These kids hailed from showbiz royalty (the word “Weinstein” was thrown about), and they weren’t just about to let Blair into their fold, even if she was stepdaughter to a major entertainment lawyer (speaking of which, where the HELL has Cyrus been this season? Bring back the Waldorf clan!)

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Burning Questions About 'Gossip Girl.'


It’s been a few weeks; so I thought I’d check back in on Gossip Girl, my favorite nighttime soap, which continues to be silly fun, even if the storylines this season have veered into ridiculous territory. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the show works best when the leads are engaging in age-appropriate problems. Making friends at NYU? Perfect. Dealing with dorm gossip? Great. Opening a hotel? Eh… Launching a speakeasy? EHHHH…. Addressing the press corps about your cousin’s congressional campaign? Dumb. See what I’m getting at here?
The saving grace of Gossip Girl, however, (and this too I’ve mentioned before) is that no matter how ridiculous the plot gets, the tongue-in-cheek tone of the show always reminds us that no one’s taking any of this stuff too seriously, and therefore, neither should we. Still, despite that, this week’s episode really pushed our abilities to suspend disbelief. I’m still a fan of the show 100%, but I’m starting to take issue with a few items.
After the jump, some vital questions that my friend Lil Grans and I had after the latest episode.

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Let's Talk About 'Gossip Girl,' Shall We?

We’re about three episodes into Gossip Girl’s third season, and I’d be loathe to let another week go by without discussing this most wonderful of teen soaps — the best ever, I might be so bold to say (disclaimer: I never watched 90210 or really any other teen soap except for The OC. My sample size is very small). Anyway, most of the clan has moved on to college, and while we’ve lost some major wonderful elements of the show (Penelope, Nelly, Hazel, et al.), Gossip Girl still remains greatly watchable and totally fun. I do have some fears about how next week’s Tyra Banks-starring episode will play out (see clip above), but if there’s anything this series has proven, it’s the ability to rebound from daffy storylines and silly diversions (ahem, Jenny’s fashion career).
In fact, Gossip Girl should be credited for moving its central characters to college so seamlessly. Perhaps Josh Schwartz learned his lesson after the utter failure which was The OC’s college season (which I believe was its last). I don’t know what that lesson was, but he learned it, and Gossip Girl seems to be on strong footing. Of course, it helps matters when all the kids are still in NYC, with four of them attending NYU and a fifth, Nate, stranded in the as-yet-to-be-seen netherworld of Columbia (which in real life played the role of Yale on this show last season — maybe they want us to forget that before any further location shoots).

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