January Jones’ Pregnancy Could Be A Problem

There are so many questions swirling around January Jones’s pregnancy: who’s the father? Was it Jason Sudeikis? If it wasn’t Jason Sudeikis, who was she cheating on him with? And why was she having unprotected sex with this person? And why is she so awful?

There’s an even more pressing issue at hand though: how will the bump be explained on Mad Men? I vote for extreme Betty Draper weight gain. Maybe put her in a fat suit à la Peggy season one? Failing that, I’m plumb out of ideas.

Read what January has to say about it in her famously articulate and insightful way here.

Did Jason Sudeikis Knock Up January Jones?


Mad Men starlet January Jones revealed recently that she’s preggers and due in the fall, but who, pray tell, is the father? Well, she did just break up with Jason Sudeikis in January; so the timeframe suggests that perhaps the Saturday Night Live cast member is the baby daddy. Lending more credence to this theory is Sudeikis himself who stuttered and stumbled his way through his responses to nosy reporters wanting to know the scoop.

Of course, if Jason Sudeikis is not the father, then we are only left with three theories:

1) January Jones used artificial insemination (unlikely given that she’s still way too young and hot to resort to such techniques).

2) January Jones went on a post-Sudeikis slutty binge and got knocked up super fast.

3) January Jones had an illicit side-lovah all this time. YES, that must be it! And Jason Sudeikis dumped her when he found out about this other man (perhaps Bobby Flay, January Jones’s random knight in shining armor after she crashed into three cars last year).

So in conclusion, Jason Sudeikis is either the father, or January Jones is a PROSTITUTION WHORE.

More juicy details, including Jason Sudeikis’s not-so-smooth handling of the media, here:

Socialite Life: Jason Sudeikis Won’t Comment On January Jones Pregnancy

Miss Blankenship FTW


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this season of Mad Men; although, I have to admit, there’s been a certain bizarre element of zaniness that has underscored most of the episodes (excluding the dreary “diary” installment). It’s a touch of a tonal shift, but one I think I like, and no one has typified the sudden injection of broad, screwball comedy more than Ida Blankenship, Don’s daffy old secretary who may or may not have been a slut in her youth (she reported got down with Roger Sterling in a previous decade).

Anyway, if you haven’t seen last night’s Mad Men, you should probably stop reading.

For the rest of you, further ruminations after the jump…

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Help My Friend Be On ‘Mad Men!’


Once again AMC is throwing a competition to win a spot on the best show ever, a.k.a. Mad Men, and my friend Ashleigh has decided to take a stab at it. She’s asked me to help get votes, and I therefore am here to tell you to vote for her! The process is very simple. There’s no registration or complicated shenanigans involved. Just follow the link, click “vote,” and you’re done.

What’s in it for you? Just the satisfaction that you’ve helped one fine lady inch that much closer to Don Draper’s general vicinity. Why not?

Click here to vote for Ashleigh.

SHILL TOWN: Cafepress ‘Mad Men’ Gear


When Cafepress offered to send me a complimentary Mad Men t-shirt in return for a review of their product, I was more than happy to jump at the opportunity. Of course, anyone offering me free stuff usually gets my attention. Nevertheless, I was able to select one of many designs at the Cafepress Mad Men Shop, and after some mild consternation, I opted for a simple fitted white t-shirt with the words “Sterling Cooper Advertising” on the front.

So far so good. The shirt arrived in the mail about four or five business days later, and it fits me like a charm. I was concerned that it might make me look like I have a slight belly, but then I realized that’s because I have a slight belly. Not the shirt’s fault. Luckily, my friend Jenny was around when I first tried it on, and she assured me that the fit was good. The big test, of course, will be the shrinkage. We’ll see how things go after this bad boy goes through the wash for the first time. Fingers crossed I won’t destroy my lovely free t-shirt. If I do, there will certainly be a follow-up report.

Anyway, if you too are similarly excited about the idea of a Mad Men themed item, check out the aforementioned online shop. Also, if this doesn’t sate your appetite, Cafe Press has a nifty Mad Men blog post boasting trivia etc.. So, check that out because they were nice and sent me a t-shirt. Continue reading

‘Mad Men’ Returns, Continues To Be Awesome


Hallelujah! For those of you who think I relish in only lowbrow culture, I’m happy to report that I do have more refined tastes, as evidenced by my love of Mad Men, which triumphantly returned last night. But of course, lowbrow always beats out highbrow, which is my way of apologizing in advance for admitting that I’m not giving Mad Men the blog love it deserves because, well, I’m working on a very special Housewives post. Alas.

Nevertheless, I open the floor to the readers to discuss what you all loved and hated about the premiere, not to mention the things you’d like to see more of.

My personal highlights: Henry’s mother (who should be on every episode); Sally spitting out her Thanksgiving dinner; the rising heights of all the women’s hairstyles; and JOAN (just that she exists). My only question is this: when does Ken Cosgrove come back? And will we ever see Rachel Menken again? We all know she’s the only woman who can stand toe-to-toe with Don. A little Francine and Trudy wouldn’t hurt either.


Checking Out ‘The Mad Men Look’


Smelling a hint of smoke in the air? Feeling a misogynistic spring in your step? Tasting the sweet flavor of marital woes in your coffee? Then it must be that time again. That’s right: Mad Men returns for a fourth season on Sunday, and rumor has it the show will focus more on the workplace than the homefront, which is great news for those of us who can’t stand Betty Draper.

We still have a few days before the big premiere, but in the meantime, entertain yourself with this funky user-submitted gallery of mid-century homes and interior designs. After all, you need something to do for the next five minutes.

Washington Post: The Mad Men Look: Does Your Home Have It?

Sesame Street Takes On The World of Sterling Cooper

Try this one on for size. Sesame Street did a parody of Mad Men recently, and the results were… intriguing. I’ll be honest — without the smoking and boozing, it just ain’t the same. And whither the puppet JOAN? She’s really getting the shaft in every possible way these days, huh? Nevertheless, enjoy the clip above.