RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Like, LITERALLY, The Season Is Already Over


It seemed like it had just started, but The Rachel Zoe Project is already over. That’s too bad because I didn’t feel like I got my full dose of lunacy. Don’t get me wrong: there were plenty of quintessential Rachel Zoe moments over the past few weeks, but there was also way too much of Rodger and Joey, both of whom have an infinite capability to grate. Rodger whines, and Joey’s just entitled. Poor Jeremiah really got the raw end of the deal here, getting axed for expressing interest in the company. Sure, his plan for Rachel Zoe Home is a bit overly ambitious at this stage of the game, but the guy is so likable and clearly has an eye for style. Why not teach him the ways of the celebrity stylist?

Luckily for ‘miah, he earned a reprieve last night after successfully creating a “store-in-store” experience for Rachel at Bloomingdales. His strong work resulted in an invitation back into the company, which was great news for him, but we all know he’s just gonna be stuck caring for Baby Skylar (or “Sky,” as Rachel says in her trademark staccato). Even if Jeremiah does inch his way into styling, it’s obvious that Joey will push him out. The gayz can be competitive, especially when one of them has the esteemed title of #1 Gay Sidekick to a a Celebrity. Look for more friction on that front.

Nevertheless, as the season drew to a close, Rachel and Rodger had the gang over for a barbecue, and I had to admit that there really did seem to be a family vibe going on with all these kooky characters. Say what you will about Joey or Rodger, but they all do form some strange tribe, and it was oddly endearing. What is wrong with me? Didn’t I used to be snarky? Photocap after the jump…

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RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Doulas, Kardashians, and Vegas


Like LITERALLY I’m starting to enjoy this season of The Rachel Zoe Project. It was a bit slow at first and entirely too Rodger-centric, but now that professional hanger-on Joey has moved back to LA, we’re witnessing a wonderful power struggle between the gays. Basically, we have Joey, who is quietly catty, territorial, and shifty, and we have Jeremiah, who is wide-eyed, eager, and more or less the beacon of GOOD. He’s like some gay male hybrid of a fluffy bunny and Snow White. More or less.

Nevertheless, with Joey in town, the two gays must battle it out to be Rachel’s favorite. Joey has a distinct advantage in that he already IS Rachel’s fave and clearly knows the best way to kiss her ass. Jeremiah, however, must endure countless condescending remarks, such as when he pulled two leopard-print shoes for a Kim Kardashian shoot, causing Joey to respond, “I don’t know if leopard is part of the story, but we can take them.” In this brewing war of the puffy hair, I can already tell you whose side I’m on…

As for the rest of the episode, Rodger bitched and moaned more than usual (and then had the balls to announce that he’d be going off to Vegas for a weekend), and Rachel visited a doula, resulting in more of the aforementioned bitching and moaning from Rodger. Oh, and there was a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian. So that was fun.

On to the photocap!

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RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Announcing the Rachel Zoe Collection


High drama in the world of The Rachel Zoe Project. Our star headed to New York to debut her collection to the media and buyers, and the stakes could not have been higher. We knew this because Rachel reminded us about this every two seconds. In fact, just when we thought she’d passed one hurdle with the highest stakes ever (ie. a Women’s Wear Daily review) she then had to face yet another challenge with the highest. stakes. ever.

The good news is that Rachel emerged unscathed, and the even better news for her was that she reconnected with her favorite gay hanger-on, Joey, who had apparently moved to New York City since last season. Well, without Brad hanging around, Rachel needed a new main gay, and Jeremiah was simply too new to earn the coveted role. Let the negotiations begin!

First Rodger took Joey out to dinner and pleaded with him to return to LA and be Rachel’s main gay. Then Rachel’s sister got in on the persuasion. They offered money, cars, friendship — anything to sway Joey. Of course he said yes — as if that would ever be a question. Rodger probably could have offered him a pistachio and three bobby pins and Joey would have said yes. Nevertheless, by the end of the episode, Rachel had impressed the fashionistas and filled her gay slot.

As for Jeremiah, looks like he’s going to be on the receiving end of Joey’s territorial smirks and remarks. Should be an interesting turf war…

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RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Literally, Rachel Is Back, and It is, Like, NOT Normal


Our old gal Rachel Zoe is back, and she’s better than ever! Or at least more preggers than ever. Truth is that I’m not totally convinced that season four of The Rachel Zoe Project is off to a great start. Gone now is Brad, who left Rachel’s company this Spring in what I thought was an amicable parting, but now it seems as though things weren’t quite as rosy as Brad’s cute little cheeks. According to Rachel, Brad said he wanted to retire from the limelight, but then a week later, he was out vulturing her clients. I can’t imagine that she’d be so shocked. After all, what’s a newly independent stylist to do? Just sit around? Brad had a profile written about him in the New York Times: of course he was going to take a stab at styling on his own.

Alas, things just aren’t stellar between the two anymore apparently, which is really our loss because Rachel without Brad is simply not as entertaining. It was bad enough last season when Taylor’s departure meant more whiny Rodger. Now with no sidekicks whatsoever, it feels like all we see is Rodger, and I hate to break it to the producers, but he still isn’t interesting. Heck, he’s downright annoying. The joy of this show is not watching this married couple juggle all the responsibilities of their lives; it’s listening to Rachel communicate in her ever-growing special language. Without Brad, we’re not getting nearly as much of the quirky Rachel, and I question how much new hire Jeremiah will be able to bring it out in her. Sure, he’s cute, and sure, he has a dry sense of humor, but there’s an undercurrent of haughty self-awareness in Jeremiah that I fear will make him less appealing in the long run. We need someone who’s a total worrywart mess — someone who can downwardly spiral with Rachel until both of them are predicting doomsday over something silly like a missing thimble. Luckily, we’re only one episode in; so there’s much room for improvement. I have concerns though…

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Rachel Zoe Gives B-Side Blog Exclusive Story Behind Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Looks


Last night’s telecast of the Oscars was one of the dullest in years, thanks in part to lackluster nominations, predictable wins, and lame comedy bits. Just about the only thing noteworthy was hostess Anne Hathaway’s perpetually changing wardrobe, which consisted of eight looks overall. I couldn’t help think about the toll this must have put on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who manages to suffer a near aneurysm every year when she needs to dress Annie in one dress, let alone eight.

Luckily, the harried stylist was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk about each of Anne Hathaway’s ensembles. Exclusive commentary after the jump… Continue reading

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Oh my God. It’s a Sedersaster


We’ve seen a lot of wacky stuff on The Rachel Zoe Project, but the image of Rachel assembling a Passover Seder while wearing a turban and a giant black cloak may truly be the wackiest sight yet. Yes, it was another strange and daffy episode in the world of Zoe, and this one was marked by not only strange culinary impulses, but also lots of bickering. Rodger was crabby as usual, and this time he unleashed his “Rodgertude” during a fun video shoot involving Rachel and Amy Phillips (the comedienne best known for lampooning Rachel herself on YouTube). I was actually really excited to see Rachel and Amy meet face to face, but alas, the scene focused more on the intra-marital drama than anything else (meanwhile, the resultant video was sadly not as amusing as I would have hoped; although, it did have its moments).

Amusingly enough, this drama was followed by Rachel navigating through a local grocery store, an act that was ironically mocked extensively in Amy’s prescient video. Watching Rachel attempt to assemble ingredients (including the dreaded gefilte fish from a jar) was nothing short of hilarious / sad. In the end, she did manage to pull off the dinner, but only because she truly only made a salad and let her workerbees do the rest (which did involve fetching premade items from Whole Foods).

There was also a lot of drama about Rodger wanting a baby and some lame crisis involving Molly Simms and a photoshoot, but we don’t really care about that. Photocap after the jump…

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RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: It’s A Feathersaster!


The quest to find Oscar gowns continued on the latest episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, and as the big Hollywood event neared, tensions flared, mostly thanks to Rodger, who spent much of the hour bitching about not getting to see his wife. I think we all like the guy, but Rachel did have a point when she noted that this happens every year; so why not shut up? Nevertheless, if Rodger didn’t complain, we probably wouldn’t have a show, what with Taylor and her drama now being absent from Team Zoe. Then again, I wouldn’t mind less fighting and more gasps over things like feathers and blazer emergencies. All in a day’s work, I suppose.

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LITERALLY, Rachel Zoe Gets A Clue

Oh my God. Rachel Zoe has LITERALLY made it big time.

Yesterday, while flying across the country on American Airlines, I of course took advantage of the crossword puzzle in the back of the American Way magazine, and what should appear as the clue of 17 Down? Well, I’ll let you take a look for yourself. As you can see, the four-letter answer was quite simple to figure out.

A Rachel Zoe catchphrase? I die. I die. LITERALLY.



The Rachel Zoe project headed to Milan this week with a brief stop in London to fool around with Kate Hudson, who proved to be totally winsome. It was yet another international adventure for the team as they scoured fashion shows in search of the all necessary Oscar gowns for Demi and Cameron, both of whom would be walking the carpet naked (according to Brad) if things didn’t shape up soon. Sadly, for RZ, the gowns she wanted went elsewhere, which meant she then entered full panic mode (ie. longer blank stares between words). What ever will her clients do? GOWN-SASTER!

When Rachel wasn’t fretting over her dearth of couture, she was hobnobbing with the fashion elite, including Donatella Versace, who looked as grotesque as ever. I try to refrain from being too nasty when talking about people’s physical features, but when it comes to Donatella, let’s just say she should no longer shy away from the concept of orthodontics. Julianne Moore also made a cameo in the episode; although, truly her only major contribution to the evening as her casual confession that she does, in fact, love birds. Scoop by Bravo.

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