Survivor is one hell of a wacky show. I’m not going to spoil what happened on last night’s episode in this first paragraph, but needless to say, after twenty-two and a half seasons, this ol’ reality dinosaur still can produce a watercooler moment like none other. You gotta give credit to the franchise — it’s as fresh and exciting as it’s ever been.

God bless.

And I mean that in the most sincerest of ways, especially after last night’s evangelical hour that saw multiple castaways praising God, having religious visions, and more or less honing their spirituality for a greater cause (namely, $1 million). TESTIFY!

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: These People Are All A Little Crazy, Huh?


Survivor! You know, after this past season of Big Brother, the three photocaps a week kind of killed me. When it was all said and done, I was pretty much burned out, especially when it came to covering CBS shows. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but obtaining the media for these photocaps takes a lot of tedious work, especially when it involves CBS, and by the time this season of Survivor started up (ie. the same day Big Brother ended) I just needed a break. Well, I feel replenished and am back with Survivor photocaps!

I should note that my lack of coverage by no way indicates my interest in the season. So far I’ve actually kind of loved every minute of it. I had low expectations to be honest. Were we really supposed to care that Coach and Ozzy were coming back for redemption? No. But their sagas have proven to be surprisingly interesting (Coach, who started as an outcast with his group is now the leader, whereas things have moved in reverse for Ozzy).

Most importantly, however, is that the casting for this season has been spot-on. We have a great group of generally quirky individuals, most of whom I’ve been eager to see last a bit longer. We haven’t been adrift in a sea of pretty but vapid people. Everyone instead seems just a touch… off? Big Brother and Amazing Race should take notes (and yes, I’m aware that the shows overlap with casting directors).

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Will Redemption Island Ever Be Redeemed? (No)


There have been far worse seasons of Survivor, but probably few as disappointing as Redemption Island. I say this because this latest iteration of the reality stalwart started off with such a bang, it was hard to imagine it ever settling into the doldrums. However, that’s exactly what has happened. What should have been one of the greatest seasons of all time has turned into a rather rote one, with players content to merely go with the flow rather than actually step up their game. The one exception, of course, is Boston Rob, who has played a masterful and cunning social, athletic, and strategic game. It’s an amazing thing to behold, especially since this is the FOURTH time he’s been stranded on Probst Island. Obviously that gives Rob an experiential advantage, but on the other hand, it should also give him a target the size of Fenway park. Luckily for him, he’s got a bunch of idiots on his team. In fact, everyone this season has been an idiot, with the exception of Rob, and dare I say Russell.

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Grab Your Balls — It’s a Crazy Episode!


This is the spring of Mark Burnett. The famed reality producer has two winners airing simultaneously: Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor: Redemption Island. Both shows are experiencing great seasons, but I’m here only to talk about the latter; so let’s get into it.

This week’s episode was great. Crazy, bizarre, and full of twists and turns. Where to begin? Oh, I know: Redemption Island. Continue reading



Survivor: Redemption Island continues to be a very strong season full of shifting social gameplay and surprising outcomes. I’m still amazed that the show can be so fresh. The same can’t be said for Phillip’s underwear, whose color has quietly faded but whose glory remains intact. Yes, we were treated to another montage of Phillip in his skivvies, again with the added bonus of watching Ashley and Natalie recoil with nausea. I certainly empathize with the two girls, but very quietly I can feel myself hating them. They have the makings of classic reality show mean girls, and if the previews for next week are any indication, they’ll be in full snotty mode soon enough. Continue reading



Big things happened on last night’s Survivor, which has continued its run of strong episodes. Tribal Council may not have been a doozy, but the showdown at Redemption Island Arena (which is less an arena and more of a dirt-patch) was rather epic. It featured a battle between good and evil — and I’ll let you decide which person stands for what. In one corner, we had sunny, yellow Matt — a dutiful Christian soldier who just wants to please his God. And in the other corner we had Russell Hantz, a dirty, porcine man whose only God is his ego. Would youth triumph over experience? Would pretty reign over ugly? Would the underdog beat the dirty dog?

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Running Out of Russell Seeds


Survivor: Redemption Island continues to be stellar. It’s amazing that a reality show in its twenty-second season can still be fresh and exciting, but I suppose that’s just testament to the format — as well as the talent on and off the screen. For the first two episodes of Redemption Island, much of the drama and entertainment stemmed from Phillip, the alleged former special agent with a penchant for outbursts and animal analogies (replete with sound effects). This week, the focus moved to Russell, who found himself yet again up against a seemingly impenetrable majority. Nothing new for piggy though. Would he be able to pull a fast one on his tribe yet again? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Hunting Down Innocent Prey


It’s only the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, but damn this season is white hot. Unlike Nicaragua, these players are ready to play, and in just two shows, we’ve seen scheming, blindsides, and blowups. It feels like we’ve already spent five weeks with these people; although, admittedly, there are about eight nameless faces wandering around camp who have yet to make an impression. No matter. Our plate is full with colorful characters as it is: from Rob and Russell to Ralph and, of course, Phillip.

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SURVIVOR VIDEO RECAP: Welcome to Redemption Island

Hey everyone. I decided to change things up and try my hand at a video recap of Survivor. The goal is to cover the entire season of Survivor: Redemption in this fashion, but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to good ol’ photocaps. Here’s the first one. It’s all still a work in progress. Hope you enjoy!

(And for some reason, the video quality is all weird upon uploading to YouTube. Will try to find a solution)

What did you think about last night’s premiere?

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Survivor’s Fabio Stars in Homoerotic Thriller

A lot of reality stars advance to sex tapes and porn after their initial runs are over, but I’m proud to report that Fabio (née Judd) from Survivor: Nicaragua is moving on to something a bit more artistic: a much sought-after role in a low-budget homoerotic thriller. The film’s title is 1313: Nighmare Mansion, which I believe is a rather awful name for an estate, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s hard to tell what exactly this fine piece of work is about, but from what I can tell, it involves a bunch of pretty boys whose clothes magically disappear, thus the seminal line, “Where did my clothes go?” Along the way, they turn a little psycho (viz. Fabio licking then wielding a rather fake-looking knife) and then, naturally, homoerotic. The whole thing looks like it was shot over the course of one day, and clearly the filmmakers saved money by eschewing the use of proper sound equipment (not to mention a wardrobe department). I’m not sure if this is safe for work or not — it depends on how comfortable you feel having a bunch of dudes running around like they’re in a twisted Calvin Klein commercial — but it’s certainly entertaining.

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