Very exciting news on The City this week. Among the many personalities making a cameo on the show was Neel Shah from Page Six. Why would this be exciting? Well, time for a fun little story. Back in the early days of TVgasm, Neel Shah emailed me about writing recaps for this new show called Laguna Beach. I didn’t really know who the guy was except that he seemed fairly intrepid and that he went to Dartmouth also. I told him he was more than welcome to take on Laguna, but when the time came to do his first recap, he had to bail for some reason (I think he may have landed a job at Gawker or something). Nevertheless, I took on the recap at the last second, and the rest is history. The Laguna Beach coverage on TVgasm kind of blew up, and in turn so did The Hills, and next thing I knew, I was in Malibu partying with the cast at one of the premiere parties (I wasn’t allowed to blog about it, sadly, but man did I want to). So basically, a nice chunk of my blogging success, at least as it relates to MTV, is thanks to Neel Shah flaking. And now here we were, going all sorts of meta and postmodern with Neel Shah actually appearing on The City with his own title card and everything. Life is strange.

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Inside the Nylon Young Hollywood Party


Nylon magazine held a party for “Young Hollywood” last night, and my friend Jenny and her friends managed to wrangle invites for themselves. Jenny got me on the list too, but by the time I got there, the fire marshall had shown up and shut down the line. This was a tragic setback for me and my celebrity sighting ambitions, but fear not, I did have two noteworthy run-ins. First, as I mentioned in my City photocap, I walked right by Whitney Port, who looked stunning — no exaggeration. Less glamorous but still worthy of my excitement was my second “star”: Robyn from Kell on Earth. She was actually working the door, and I must admit I felt a sense of trepidation as I approached her. I thought she was going to just throw me out of the Roosevelt Hotel (and then complain that I hadn’t filed something properly). My interaction with her was fine though, and she merely redirected me to a table outside for check-in (which, sadly, never happened thanks to the pesky fire marshall).

Well, I missed out, but Jenny got into the party, and she brought along her little Pink Toy Phone. I capitalize the letters because Jenny and her friends have launched a little Facebook community devoted to this “phone,” which in actuality is just a trinket from McDonald’s. The deal with the Pink Toy Phone is that Jenny and her friends bring it to cool places (usually in Hollywood) and take pictures of it with various people, celebrities, or who knows what. Just think of it as Flat Stanley, except not flat and much gayer.

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The three way game of passive-aggressive chess on The City continued in fine fashion this week, with the likes of Kelly Cutrone and Joe Zee getting mixed up in Olivia, Erin, and Whitney’s business. Only poor Roxy was left on the sidelines with nothing to do but shiver in the cold draft that wafted through her romantic date every time someone opened the door of the restaurant. Yes, while Roxy bantered with her photographer love interest (who looks not unlike a sickly Casey Affleck), Whitney was busy getting her fashion line in order. You might remember that at the end of the previous episode, Joe Zee heralded Erin’s pitch to have the Whitney Eve collection included in something called Rue La La (I’m still hazy on what that actually is). Olivia wasn’t too keen on this idea, but just because Erin had gone over her head to Joe Zee to push Whitney’s collection through didn’t mean that Ms. Palermo wouldn’t have her revenge. For now…

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THE CITY PHOTOCAP: She’s Got The Look Book


A rare thing happened on last night’s episode of The City: Whitney and Olivia crossed paths! These two frenemies used to encounter each other a daily basis back in the good ol’ days of DVF, but now they rarely come face to face. That’s okay though — watching Olivia and Erin spar is far more entertaining, mostly because Erin’s claws are so much sharper. For a second there though, it looked like the women might be burying the hatchet, what with their friendly coffee meeting last week and with Erin actually complimenting Olivia’s good work on last night. But we shouldn’t be so naïve to think things were hunky dory now…

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It's A New Trailer For 'The City'!

Kell On Earth may be wrapping up next week, but there will hopefully be no shortage of Kelly Cutrone as the new season of The City kicks off on April 27th. Here to whet your appetite is a scandalicious trailer featuring all our old friends, including Whitney, Roxy, Olivia, Erin, and yes, Kelly. I’ll be curious to see how the People’s Revolution scenes play out now that we’ve spent several weeks gawking in the office. Will the likes of Andrew and Emily and Skinner make cameo appearances? Or will the entire conceit that Whit-Whit and Roxy actually work at People’s Revolution be revealed to be fakery? And does it even matter? Probably not. The point is that The City is coming back, and I’m thrilled! Check out the trailer above.
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And Now… Whitney Port's Favorite Movies OF ALL TIME!!!!

Ever wonder what Whitney Port’s favorite movies of all time are? Well, good news! She just posted a comprehensible list of flicks on her blog, and needless to say, it’s exactly what one would expect from a fledgling designer in New York City’s gritty and hip fashion scene. Teen Witch is practically a prerequisite to gain entry to Bryant Park, right?
For those dying of curiosity, check out the full list — as well as an astute preamble by Whitney herself — here.

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Fashion Forward?


I am crying right now. CRYING. Not literally. Just on the inside. That’s because the last episode of The City aired last night, and while I hope it was merely a season finale, a part of me fears it could be a series finale. Why? Well, first off — Kelly Cutrone is getting her own reality show on Bravo, and that certainly doesn’t bode well. Not sure NBC Universal and Viacom will be willing to share her. Second, I seem to remember hearing that the ratings for The City haven’t been stellar. I may be wrong on that front, and since I’m chronically lazy, I’m not going to look it up. Nevertheless, I certainly hope MTV gives us another installment of this wonderful show (with Kelly Cutrone) because it is a gem. A GEM I tell you.

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And Now An F-Bomb From Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone was on a morning show today to talk about The City when a certain four letter word that rhymes with DUCK tumbled out of her mouth. Needless to say, the anchors were somewhat dismayed — even if the rest of America is probably giggling with glee. Check it out in the video above.
Found via:
The Dish Rag: ‘Kell on Earth’ Kelly Cutrone drops the F bomb on live TV. Hosts are not amused

STALKER REPORT: Erin Kaplan Edition

We have a stalker report. One of this blog’s readers sent in this email today:

Subject: Erin Kaplan sighting!
Tiny, tan, very blond (looks bottle), cell phone, 4 inch heels and really pretty in person. I’d recognize that voice anywhere.
She was getting coffee at Illy on 49th and 8th avenue. 🙂
I wanted to tell her how sorry I was she had to work with Olivia and take a picture but I let her be in peace.
(like a good New Yorker)

So there you have it. Well stalked!

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Whit-Whit Goes on a BD with a DB


It’s Wednesday afternoon, which means it’s time for me to once again praise the TV gods for delivering me yet another delightful episode of The City. This show is fast becoming one of my favorites of the year, and I’m not ashamed to say so. The mix of simmering female tensions, career ambitions, and late night socializing makes for great TV. If I sound like I’m overhyping the show (or perhaps giving it more credit than it deserves), then, well, YOU’RE WRONG. Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a spinoff by its originator (in this case, The Hills).
This week’s episode found Whitney and Roxy engaging in a bit more boy drama than usual. Normally I’d be loathe to watch such silliness as the meat and potatoes of this series is the workplace, but I must credit the producers who have wisely kept the romantic high jinks at a palatable level; thus allowing such diversions as the Fackelmeyer fracas to come and go without wearing out their welcome. Nevertheless, the bulk of last night’s episode pertained to Roxy and Whitney’s boy adventures, and no, that does not include the intrusive squirrel that apparently has overtaken their apartment. How a squirrel got into their abode is a whole other question, and I loved how both girls started off the show discussing their unwanted pest before making a conversational 180 and chirping about boyz. It would be the equivalent of me saying “So I saw a dead corpse decomposing in the street. It was really nasty. All smelly and stuff. Hey, how’s your mom doing?”
Well, we never did find out if the girls caught their bushy-tailed squatter, but I guess that’s because they had more pressing issues to deal with. W-w-w-Whitney had a big blind date coming up, courtesy of Sammy at Bergdorf Goodman, and Roxy had drinks planned with Zac, a guy who’s popped up here and there this season, clearly ready to knock boots, as they say. Both situations seemed promising, but alas, both fizzled out triumphantly.

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