Very exciting news on The City this week. Among the many personalities making a cameo on the show was Neel Shah from Page Six. Why would this be exciting? Well, time for a fun little story. Back in the early days of TVgasm, Neel Shah emailed me about writing recaps for this new show called […]

Inside the Nylon Young Hollywood Party

Nylon magazine held a party for “Young Hollywood” last night, and my friend Jenny and her friends managed to wrangle invites for themselves. Jenny got me on the list too, but by the time I got there, the fire marshall had shown up and shut down the line. This was a tragic setback for me […]


The three way game of passive-aggressive chess on The City continued in fine fashion this week, with the likes of Kelly Cutrone and Joe Zee getting mixed up in Olivia, Erin, and Whitney’s business. Only poor Roxy was left on the sidelines with nothing to do but shiver in the cold draft that wafted through […]

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: She’s Got The Look Book

A rare thing happened on last night’s episode of The City: Whitney and Olivia crossed paths! These two frenemies used to encounter each other a daily basis back in the good ol’ days of DVF, but now they rarely come face to face. That’s okay though — watching Olivia and Erin spar is far more […]

And Now… Whitney Port's Favorite Movies OF ALL TIME!!!!

Ever wonder what Whitney Port’s favorite movies of all time are? Well, good news! She just posted a comprehensible list of flicks on her blog, and needless to say, it’s exactly what one would expect from a fledgling designer in New York City’s gritty and hip fashion scene. Teen Witch is practically a prerequisite to […]

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Whit-Whit Goes on a BD with a DB

It’s Wednesday afternoon, which means it’s time for me to once again praise the TV gods for delivering me yet another delightful episode of The City. This show is fast becoming one of my favorites of the year, and I’m not ashamed to say so. The mix of simmering female tensions, career ambitions, and late […]