THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Whitney Meets Big Poppa

Shocking things happened on this week’s episode of The City. The previously isolated worlds of People’s Revolution and Elle magazine came together for an event so fraught with drama, I could barely lift my jaw off the ground. Okay, there really wasn’t much drama at all. Kelly didn’t yell at anyone. Roxy didn’t undermine anything […]

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: There Once Was A Man From Nantucket…

It’s ridiculous how fun The City is. In its second season, the producers have found the right mix and balance of characters, focusing instead on the cutthroat careerist side of Manhattan, not the dingy bohemian crap that Jay and his posse represented last year (more on that in a bit, regrettably). Olivia and Erin continue […]

And Now A Message From The B-Side Blog Ombudsman

Take a wild guess who this is from. Sadly, it appears to be our last message from her… until the next one. OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THIS SHIT!!! THESE RE”CRAPS” SUCK!!! Look I’ve tried to be patient with you and stick by you through good recaps and bad […]

'The City' Is Back… And Now 100% Less Australian (and Douchey)

It was a big premiere night for MTV last night as both The City and The Hills kicked off their respective seasons in a one hour block of furtive glares and pretty, petty drama. I suppose it’s The Hills that’s garnered all the hype with the arrival of Kristin Cavallari, but honestly, after watching both, […]

How Can You Tell 'The Hills' Premieres Tomorrow? Dumb Bitch Sends An Email!

“I want B-Side to write the recaps the way he used to!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Hills and The City premiere tomorrow on MTV, and in case the (sort of nonexistent) PR machine hadn’t informed you already, we here at B-Side Blog have the luxury of having our very own psycho reader to remind us of all the […]

THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Jay Skips Town, Olivia Creates New Words

Did it happen? Did it really happen? Did Jay and Whitney finally break up on The City? I sure hope so because their relationship has constituted one of the most tiresome storylines in the history of the City / Hills / Laguna franchise. Not since Jessica and J-Wahl — or really LC and J-Wahl — have […]