The big dilemma from last night’s Bachelor finale was not Emily vs. Chantal. We all knew how that would resolve itself. No, the burning question was “Brad or Chad?” Turns out that Brad Womack has a twin brother named Chad (that’s right: rhyming twinsies), and he’s no slouch in the genetics department. I guess that’s not too surprising given that he shares his brother’s ready-for-TV DNA. However, there are all-important styling variations, which leads me to ask the ladies if they’d prefer Brad or Chad.

In one corner, we have Brad whose cornfed, All-American good looks have beguiled a nation of women. Working against him though is a garish cross tattoo on his back.

In the other corner, we have Chad, who’s similarly cornfed but slightly more Jake Gyllenhaal-y with a few shades of Brett Favre. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

So who to pick? Brad or Chad?