Where ‘Top Chef Masters’ Went Wrong


For two seasons, Top Chef Masters was the civilized, fun palate-cleanser to the cutthroat Top Chef, and with its humble star-ratings and gentle competition, it proved to be a fun lark for everyone involved. In its third season, however, the show has undergone a revamp, which has left viewers complaining of boredom. Almost every Top Chef fan I’ve spoken to over the past several weeks has admitted that they hate the new season, and some have even announced that they’ve removed it from their DVRs. Now with just one episode left, we must ask how did this once excellent spin-off fall so far?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and better than it has ever been. At last Bravo has gotten it right. Gone is Danielle Staub and the Manzo-centric focus. The show is no longer about recreating the Sopranos. It’s about highlighting the tacky Jersey trash we’ve come to know and love through recent pop culture phenoms like Jersey Shore. And who could be any tackier than Teresa Giudice? The producers have wisely turned the cameras on the Skinny Italian author and her bonkers extended family, and needless to say, we had a brawl within the first three minutes of the premiere. This is what I’m talking about.

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I have to admit that midway through the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, I resigned myself to thinking that this would just be one of those humdrum “odds and ends” episodes where nothing too exciting really happens. After all, all that seemed to have been on the docket was Sonja’s not-so-hot masquerade “ball” and Cindy’s trip to the dentist. But then out of nowhere came a loud, shrill fight between Ramona and Jill, and we were right back on track with the craziness. Gotta love these women: four years in, and they still can’t stop themselves from clawing each other’s eyes out.

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Housewife Hoedown This Afternoon!

Check it out, people. I’m doing another episode of Housewife Hoedown this afternoon! Today, I will be joined by two guests: Ronnie Karam (a.k.a. Flipit) from TVgasm and Matt Whitfield from Yahoo!. We’ll be talking about the ladies from New York City and Orange County and eviscerating their every mishap and flaw, from Alexis’s fashion line to Sonja’s pecking order.

Feel free to join in! Watch live at http://talkmedianetworks.com/live and call in at 424-238-0611

Show starts at 12:30 PDT!

GOLDEN FEUD: Bea Arthur vs. Betty White!


All these years, we’ve just assumed that the cast of The Golden Girls were best buds, but in an interview last night on The Joy Behar Show, Betty White revealed that Bea Arthur was “not that fond” of her. And in Hollywood actress speak, that means Bea Arthur was a “RAGING BITCH TO ME.” Or so I assume.

Read more details about Betty and Bea’s relationship as well as insights into Estelle Getty here.



There’s not much time before this week’s episode of Real Housewives of NYC airs; so rather than bore you all with an extensive recap of last week’s episode, let’s just get into the fun of it right now. Photocap after the jump (and if you want further analysis, check out Housewife Hoedown!).

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B-Side Blog Attends Nylon Young Hollywood Party, Feels Old

There’s never a dull moment in Hollywood it seems, and last night was no exception. Nylon Magazine held its annual “Young Hollywood” Party, and given that I am the paragon of the young Hollywood ideal, it seemed like the logical thing for me to attend this bash. Joining me were two of my lady lovers, Phamtastic and Ashton, and our friend Sean (not a lady lover, but a spirited gentleman nonetheless). Together the four of us proudly tromped our way through Hollywood hotspot Bardot to take in the lights, the stars, and most importantly, the free booze.

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Top Chef Masters May Include Cameos From Two World Renowned Bloggers Tonight

I’m very excited about tonight’s Top Chef Masters, and no it’s not because I’m super hungry this morning. It’s because yours truly (along with Michelle Collins) got to be a DINER on the elimination challenge. I can’t say if you’ll see me on TV or not (you will at the very least see Michelle in the background — I already spied her on the preview for tonight’s episode), but chances are high you will. After all, Michelle and I were the very first people to walk into the restaurant. Plus, we happened to sit at a table that was directly in the background of the judges (unplanned!). We were quite elated by that, but you probably won’t see me because this random guy from the L.A. Times came and sat next to me and effectively blocked my STAR FROM SHINING.

I don’t know if it’s a spoiler or not for me to talk about the food; so I’ll refrain for the moment (I had to sign a contract), but I can say that the two of us had a blast. And that Michelle asked Naomi if she worked as a server at the fast food restaurant.

Fingers crossed that one of our more inane comments gets chosen as a sound byte!

AND WHATNOT: Black Swan Leads To Actual Meltdown; Also, J-Hud, Dianna Agron, and RuPaul

From Amy Phillips, a.k.a. fake Rachel Zoe.

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