VIDEO: Julie Chen Talks About The Chenbot (and ME!!! Sort of)

The thrill never grows old. Julie Chen recently talked to Larry King, host of Larry King Now on Hulu and Ora TV, about her nickname, The Chenbot, which we coined back in the TVgasm days. In the clip above, Julie references the infamous “but first” video that yours truly made in 2006 — one of the very first “supercuts” in the YouTube era. I’m not going to lie: I totally cheese out in the interview when Julie alludes to “this person” (because “this person” is MEEEEEEEEE).

Anyway, we love The Chenbot, and while I’m sorry that she took offense to the nickname at first, I hope she sees it came from a place of love and joy. And, if I may be so bold to assert this, by embracing The Chenbot persona, one might even say that Julie herself became MORE HUMAN.


Hi Julie!!!!!!

’30 Rock’ Signs Off Tonight, My Soul Dies a Little

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 30 Rock has come to an end. After tonight, we will never see an original episode ever again. Even though this final season has been uneven (I blame it all on Hazel), the show still has many moments of brilliance and is certainly funnier than most sitcoms on TV. Watching it sign off for good will not be easy for me, especially now that I’m being nostalgic and thinking back to all my favorite 30 Rock quotes and scenes.

I remember being supremely excited for the show to launch… only to be massively disappointed by its flimsy premiere. However, the series quickly found its voice, and a few episodes into its first season, 30 Rock emerged as must-see TV (even if Rachel Dratch was ultimately phased out of the show — fingers crossed for a cameo tonight). Over the years, we’ve seen Jenna transform into the most amusingly self-involved creature on network television, Jack become the crusty Republican we’ll always love, and Liz Lemon grow into something of an unlikely feminist icon… I think.

Anyway, in the video above, Tina Fey answers a few lingering questions about 30 Rock, including the big one: why did it have to end? Check it out…

VIDEO: The Best ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Cover You’ll See All Year

I suppose we really shouldn’t be surprised to learn that when it comes to “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey, the best person to cover the song is… Mariah Carey. Check out the newest rendition of the holiday classic performed by Mariah, Jimmy Falon, The Roots, and some cute kids.

Izzz the best.

VIDEO: Super Mario Beads — Just Watch This And Thank Me Later

Some creative souls in Sweden animated a Super Mario Bros. adventure with beads, and the end result is nothing short of awesome, amazing, genius, and great. I think this may be one of the best things I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

For two more shorter adventures, check out the filmmakers’ SMB playlist here. Oh, and here’s a behind-the-scenes / making-of video, which is conveniently in Swedish.

Check It Out: I’m a Guest Host on Waywire!

Here’s something fun: I was the guest host of “TweetTap” today, which compiles noteworthy Tweets and presents them to you in a convenient video package. The web series is part of Waywire, a video news service created in part by Newark Mayor Cory Booker and funded by investors such as Oprah. I’m telling you this because I would like to officially link myself to Oprah.

Anyway, check out the video and go support Waywire. If I’m invited to do another one of these, I promise to make my audio less jarring. Sorry, Oprah!