The Clock Finally Stops for ’24’


For the past two days, it seems all anyone can talk about is the finale of Lost, and while I respect the rabid fan base of that show, I must admit that I do not watch it and therefore have focused my attention on a different, but no less worthy series: 24. This venerable espionage thriller has more or less served as a companion piece to the turbulent 2000s, and as such, it’s sort of a shame that its grand finale has been totally overshadowed by those shenanigans over on The Island (same goes for Law & Order, whose historic twenty-season run ended Monday night too with barely a send-off from NBC).

I suppose one reason why 24 didn’t garner as much buzz leading up to its finale is because unlike Lost, it wasn’t setting out to answer a myriad of questions that had been lingering for years on end. Sure, there are definitely questions out there (where is Mandy????), but they stem more from curiosity, not a simple desire to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Perhaps even more significant is the widespread awareness that 24 will soon head into phase II of its life as a movie franchise. Sure, we’re saying farewell to Jack, Chloe, CTU, and countless others, but there’s a comforting feeling that this isn’t goodbye, just see you later. That being said, I did get a touch emotional at the end of this final episode, and quite honestly, I don’t care what the haters have been saying about the season: the 24 finale was truly excellent, and in many ways it was one of my favorite series finales of all time. I felt utterly satisfied (save for my constant desire to see past characters incredulously resurface), and ultimately, my only complaint is that we don’t have another season to look forward to.

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24 RECAP: A Gut Wrenching Episode


We’re in the final stretch for 24, and it seems like the producers are pulling out all the stops. No, they haven’t resurrected all my favorite characters from the dead (we can now add Dana Walsh to that list, le sigh), but in what seemed like an homage to its controversial past, the show provided us with what may have been the most graphic torture scene ever in the series’ run (not to mention in the history of network television). If you want to be spared the bloody details, chances are you should stop reading now. Continue reading

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My Wishlist of '24' Characters I'd Like To See Make One Last Appearance


Over the years, 24 has collected a rather extensive stable of characters who have come and gone with the sort of frequency truly not seen on any other television show out there. Some faces are fleeting (Kal Penn as a terrorist baddie) and some forgettable (pretty much all the guest stars on season six). Others, however, have made an indelible mark on the 24 canon and truly deserve one last appearance before Jack Bauer’s day finally comes to a close in just a few scant hours.
Of course, I’m not sure how the producers would be able to fit in all these characters. Maybe a last minute birthday party in the situation room could be reason enough to gather a bunch of randoms from CTU’s storied past. And let’s not even talk about what we could do with a dream sequence. Heck, we could get Nina and Sherry Palmer in on the action then. Note to producers: DEFINITELY have a dream sequence.
But assuming there are no resurrections, here is my list of the faces I’d like to see one last time.

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