VIDEO: ‘Who’s On Top?’ from SNL

Saturday Night Live returned to the air on Saturday with its 37th season premiere, and with Alec Baldwin serving as host, it was its strongest opener in years (comedy-wise). Almost every skit worked, and even the weakest of the lot provided many laughs. On the downside: Kenan Thompson is still on the show, and Lorne Michaels has yet to beef up the female side of the cast (Kristen Wiig can’t do all the heavy lifting; although, Vanessa Bayer does nice work too).

Nevertheless, perhaps the best skit of the night was this game show bit which dared to ask the question, “Who’s On Top?” Not only does Alec Baldwin deliver another great performance, but the writers manage to keep this from being just a one-joke gag. You might never look at Gerard Depardieu the same way…

No One Can Resist My Schweddy Balls (Ice Cream)


Talk about a delicious dish: Ben and Jerry’s has officially announced their newest flavor titled “Schweddy Balls,” a reference to one of the greatest Saturday Night Live skits of the ’90s. The ice cream will feature a vanilla base with a hint of rum as well as “fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.” So basically: it’s full of balls, appropriately enough.

No word on when Schweddy Balls will hit shelves (assuming it hasn’t already), but its launch will be nationwide. Limited batch only though. Grab your Balls while you can!

AolTV: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Yes, It’s Real!

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Also, if you’ve never seen the Schweddy Balls skit, do yourself a favor and watch the clip after the jump. Continue reading