BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #73: Kanye’s Confederate Flag, Revisiting Gravity, and a Major Operation Seduction Update

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” we revisit “Gravity” as Lisa weighs in on the space thriller. Spirited debate ensues. Then it’s on to Halloween and tales of Ben’s costume woes. This leads to a major update on Operation: Seduction (a.k.a. Ben’s continued efforts to seduce NBA player Jason Collins).

Next Lisa discusses her very close call with the LAX shooter, and then it’s on to Kanye West and his adoption of the confederate flag as part of his new personal style.

Finally, it’s a new segment: Can We Banter It? Ben and Lisa attempt to banter on subjects that are highly foreign to them. This week: drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan as well as the discovery of art stolen by the Nazis. Fun!

Come listen!

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B-Side Blog Attends An Artsy Haunted Maze!

This may be a shock to some people: Los Angeles not only has an art scene, but every once in a blue moon, I actually cross paths with it. Back in May, my friend Meeshie and I attended an exhibit in West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center where we encountered — among other things — a foreboding maze, a startling werewolf, and a news crew from World of Wonder. Seems about right.

Anyway, WoW just released the above video about that night, and it features none other than yours truly (sorry, no Meeshie) in a brief cameo towards the end. Major thanks to reporter Damiana Garcia for graciously referring to me as a “hunky blogger” in the accompanying write-up.

After the jump, a random picture of Meeshie with the werewolf. Continue reading