Tournament of Cham Winner Revealed!


Well, another year has come and gone, and March Madness has drawn to a close. As usual, the Tournament of Cham was an exciting affair — at least for everyone except me, thanks to my horrific bracket. It’s par for the course, really.

Anyway, there were ups and downs, upsets and broken legs, but in the end, one woman — nay, LADY — reigned supreme. The winner of the 2013 Tournament of Cham is… Jennifer’s Love Tank! With a solid score of 980 points, Jennifer just edged out her nearest competition, Chuchuchels, who nabbed second place with 940 points. Rounding out the top three was Fried Cheese, who also had 940 points (but fewer correct picks).

For those wanting some context, I picked a thrilling 34 of 63 correct winner, which is just a shade above 50%. Somehow I managed to sneak into 12th place with 840 points. Shocking.

Bringing up the rear is Ferrisismyhero — one of the biggest boosters of the T.O.C.. Despite her enthusiasm, Ferrisismyhero suffered some brutal setbacks and wound up with only 380 points, earning zero in the final three rounds of play. Yikes. Better luck next year!

And now the grand prize. This year, Jennifer’s Love Tank wins… PRIDE AND RESPECT! YAY!!!!!

See you in 2014!!

2013 Tournament of Cham!

ncaa-2013.jpegHey everyone. It’s time for the 2013 Tournament of Cham! That’s right: March Madness is here, and since this blog is synonymous with sports coverage, it only makes sense to once again participate in some b-ball brackets! Signing up is easy. Just go to and join the group. This year, the Tournament of Cham is a public group, which means there’s no limits on how many teams can join. One bracket per person though…

Deadline to join and submit your bracket is 12:15pm EDT on Thursday, March 21. (That’s 9:15 AM for all you West Coasters!!)

Again, follow this link to get involved. Let the fun begin!

Tournament of Cham Crowns Its Winner!


March Madness has come and gone, which means it’s time to crown this year’s winner of the B-Side Blog Tournament of Cham.

It was an exciting, unpredictable year. I thought that for the first time in ages I’d have a real shot at winning it all, given that I had happily lingered in the top 5 for the first half of the NCAA tournament. Then things went crazy, my Final Four got knocked out, and my March Madness season came to an unceremonious and early end. Alas.

In the end, I wound up in lowly 13th place, which isn’t so bad considering we had an impressive forty members (two of which never filled out their brackets — tsk tsk). As for the winner, it was none other than Lizardqueen (by a LONG shot). So, congrats LQ! Enjoy the bragging rights for the next year!!

To see the full standings, click here.

The B-Side Blog Tournament of Cham Returns!


March Madness is upon us! That’s right people, it’s time to fill out college basketball brackets with the hopes of being the most bestest team picker of the year! I have once again created an online group for such activities, and this time it’s being hosted at I have yet to decide what the prize for the winner shall be, but I’m hoping I can figure out something good (or at least useful).

Sadly, because of ESPN’s draconian 25 character limit, I couldn’t continue the tradition of naming the group “B-Side Blog Tournament of Cham” (the “-pions” always got cut off by Yahoo!’s slightly more lenient 30 character limit); so I employed the less creative name of “B-Side Blog Tourney 2011.” If you wish to join up, just follow the link below and use the password (bsideblog) to gain access. I’m not sure if there’s a limit on how many people can enter a group; so be on the safe side and join sooner rather than later.

And remember that once the first game on the morning of Thursday, March 17, 2011 begins, all entries are locked in! So fill in and enter your brackets before then!

Get in the action now:

Group: B-Side Blog Tourney 2011
Password: bsideblog

My Afternoon With Kobe Bryant

Last weekend I was invited to Kobe Bryant’s handprint and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Not only was it my first time attending such an event, but it was also the first time the legendary theater had honored an athlete. This was a momentous and historic occasion, and in an effort to document it, I happily borrowed my friend’s Flipcam (thanks, Phamtastic!) and headed over to the ceremony, not really sure what was in store for me. All I wanted was some sort of interaction with Kobe — whether it be a conversation or just a nod hello (but ideally a conversation, with the option of becoming best friends). I can assure you that I did have some success. It’s all in the video above.

I may be a Knicks fan through and through, but I was gladly “purp & yellow” that day.

THAT’S PRETTY COOL: Insane Last Minute Backwards Basketball Shot

“That’s pretty cool.”

You know, these crazy basketball videos always surface every few months: some kid in a high school (it’s always high school) makes a crazy shot at the buzz, and wouldn’t you know it? It goes in!

After the jump is the latest video, and to quote Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus, “That’s pretty cool.”

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