Introducing The Coolest T-Shirt Ever (If I Do Say So Myself)

IndianJones with our custom t-shirts.

Once a year, the fine (and entirely way too cold and rainy) city of San Francisco hosts a race called Bay To Breakers, wherein several people run across the city… and everyone else dresses up in costumes and drinks their asses off. I’d heard from my friend IndianJones that it was a blast; so I decided to head up to the City by the Bay this weekend to partake in the action. Now I’m here, and even better: so are blog regulars Malibu Judie and Sly (as well as our other friend who wishes to remain 100% anonymous). The only thing missing is a group costume. Well, we weren’t really planning on going all out, but as it turns out, IndianJones’s friends have all adopted a British theme; so in the spirit of all things Royal Wedding and such, our little group decided to design t-shirts for the occasion. Our fine work after the jump.

And yes, this is all very self-congratulatory, but we’re just really really excited about these t-shirts…

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