BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Amanda Goes To The Dark Side

Wow. What an episode. I’m loving season fifteen of Big Brother, even if its contestants tend to be heinous specimens of humanity. I could go on at length about last night’s excellent episode, but why bother when my friend Louis Virtel has so expertly spelled it all out at The Backlot. Read his coverage for […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Is Amanda The Stalin to Aaryn’s Hitler?

Hey, remember those days on Big Brother when we hated Aaryn but liked Amanda, mainly because Amanda stepped up to Aaryn and called her out for being a racist? Seems like forever ago because nowadays, we’re hating Amanda just as much as Aaryn. It kind of got me thinking: is Amanda the Stalin to Aaryn’s […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back

Well, another week has come and gone in the Big Brother house, and Head of Household Aaryn has managed to live up to expectations: she dropped a few questionable bon mots (that whole “axed” thing with the Cheez-Its) and of course managed to put the two black people in the house on the block. Admittedly, […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Refuses To Be Blackballed

There once was a time when Aaryn was the most hated woman in the Big Brother house, but now it seems the heat is on Howard and Spencer, who continue to pay for having lied to Helen and Elissa two weeks ago. Yes, the legacy of the Moving Company lives on, and it would appear […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Learns To Always Bet On Black

I’m back after an ever-so-brief midweek hiatus. Big Brother continues to deliver the goods, with this week’s drama centering around a one-piece bathing suit and a not-so-secret Moving Company 2.0 alliance. Let’s talk about the latter. Spencer and Howard had the right idea to join forces with the outsiders in the household (ie. GinaMarie and […]

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Big Brother – Week 5 In Review

Hey everyone — it’s time for another edition of Watch What Crappens. But isn’t this a Big Brother video? Yes. So here’s the deal. We started a web show on Youtube called “The TV Clique.” We loved the name and thought it was so clever and thought we were geniuses and the best people of […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: The One Where They All Do Nasty Things To Yogurt Machines

As expected, Judd’s reign as Head of Household on Big Brother has started off on a rather dull note. There weren’t any major fights beyond a silly dustup between Aaryn and the lexically challenged GinaMarie, and the only real tension came from whether or not Amanda could go thirty seconds without absolutely insisting that Howard […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Jeremy Finds Himself Low on the Totem Pole

The Moving Company continues to be one of the most epic Big Brother alliance failures of all time, perhaps supplanting The Four Horsemen (er, Santa Monica Van Boys?) for the title of Biggest Flop. This week saw the exit of The Moving Company’s most outspoken member, Jeremy, who was backdoored by Helen in a generally […]


The TV Clique is back to review week 4 in the Big Brother house. Pull up a chair and join us as we dissect everything from Aaryn’s racism to Jeremy’s tattoos. Oh yeah, and there’s talk of gameplay, MVPs, and all sorts of other good stuff. Get your fix here! Join the clique! (We’re working […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Will Aaryn’s Gang Finally Eat (Jim) Crow?

Did you ever see Carrie and wonder what sort of girl in real life would actually spill pig’s blood on an outsider? Probably not. But then comes Big Brother 15 with its group of racist dolts who demonstrate that yes, people are capable of spilling pig’s blood on sweet, telekinetic girls. Enter Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, […]