BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Amanda Goes To The Dark Side


Wow. What an episode. I’m loving season fifteen of Big Brother, even if its contestants tend to be heinous specimens of humanity. I could go on at length about last night’s excellent episode, but why bother when my friend Louis Virtel has so expertly spelled it all out at The Backlot. Read his coverage for the analysis, and when you’re done, come back here for the photocap, which is located conveniently after the jump!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Is Amanda The Stalin to Aaryn’s Hitler?


Hey, remember those days on Big Brother when we hated Aaryn but liked Amanda, mainly because Amanda stepped up to Aaryn and called her out for being a racist? Seems like forever ago because nowadays, we’re hating Amanda just as much as Aaryn. It kind of got me thinking: is Amanda the Stalin to Aaryn’s Hitler? Think about it. Back in the thick of World War II, everyone hated Hitler (obvi) to the point where it made other assholes look like cool dudes. Stalin was our friend. But then as Hitler lost power, we came to realize that Stalin was an utter tyrant and killer and evil dude, and the only reason we liked him in the first place was because the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Well, I’m starting to think that Amanda may be following a rather Stalin-esque arc of public perception. All this time that we thought she was so funny and outspoken, but the truth is that she’s ready to send everyone to the Big Brother gulag. And if I were McCrae, I’d sleep with one eye open. We all remember what happened to Trotsky…

Anyway, with Howard out of the house, Amanda had to set her sights on a new enemy, and this time it was Jessie, who complained about being excluded from a backyard BBQ that Helen had won during the HOH competition. Granted, Jessie was whining like a spoiled brat, but I still found myself rooting for her when she eventually locked horns with Amanda, who had no tolerance for Jessie’s gripes. Ultimately I was pretty impressed with Jessie during the argument whereas Amanda’s growing cockiness and self-righteousness is continuing to grate me. I guess I have a thing for bullies who act like they’re the ones being bullied, and that’s pretty much what Amanda did. Not cool. Classic Stalin.

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back


Well, another week has come and gone in the Big Brother house, and Head of Household Aaryn has managed to live up to expectations: she dropped a few questionable bon mots (that whole “axed” thing with the Cheez-Its) and of course managed to put the two black people in the house on the block. Admittedly, I honestly don’t think that Candice and Howard were nominated due to racial bias (at least not overtly), but then again, when one looks at why Candice and Howard were forced together as a duo in the first place, the picture becomes murkier.

Yes, the summer of racism has certainly been an intriguing one, and joining Aaryn on the list of terrible people has been Amanda — a fan favorite just two weeks ago. Amanda has been leading a witch hunt against Howard that has at times seemed totally nonsensical. She’s clearly become the power player in the house (along with Helen), but unlike the latter lady, Amanda has shown a brash, brutish side — to the point where I think most of America probably didn’t mind when Spencer told her to simply SHUT THE HELL UP. Normally, we’d be crying “misogyny!” especially since Spencer is, you know, a misogynist, but it’s amazing what context will do for a guy. There’s something great about hearing a bully like Amanda being told to shut up (especially after SHE pulls the “You’re bullying me” card). Never mind that she’s been saying more and more racist and homophobic things on the live feeds these days.

Nevertheless, Spencer tried to help his buddy Howard by rallying troops against Amanda and McCrae, but as usual, he placed trust in the wrong people (seriously, everyone in The Moving Company is an idiot), and naturally Andy went and told Amanda that Spencer was trying to target her. When she later confronted him, Spencer lied and said Candice was his target, and of course Helen overheard this and told Candice. Unfortunately, Candice isn’t always the smartest player. Yes, she sniffed out The Moving Company, but she’s also halfway insane. Rather than consider the idea that Helen might be playing her, Candice stomped out in to the backyard and called out Spencer, one of her few allies. At that point, it was clear there’d be no saving poor Howard. Indeed, the racists finally won, and the meek muscleman was sent packing. Aw.

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Refuses To Be Blackballed


There once was a time when Aaryn was the most hated woman in the Big Brother house, but now it seems the heat is on Howard and Spencer, who continue to pay for having lied to Helen and Elissa two weeks ago. Yes, the legacy of the Moving Company lives on, and it would appear as though the house won’t be happy until this ill-fated men’s alliance is completely eradicated from the face of Big Brother. It makes sense to some degree, but what these people don’t seem to realize is that the Moving Company is so beyond dead and useless that targeting its last members really is just a waste of time and energy. The real power players are Amanda and McCrae (a.k.a. just Amanda), but alas, Aaryn ultimately nominated Howard and Spencer. Nevertheless, the real intrigue came in watching Helen’s allegiance to Elissa crumble. Turns out Elissa is can’t keep a secret to herself (see Episode 1 through present), and Helen has realized that’s bad for her game. No shit sherlock. Can’t wait to see how these people all turn against each other.

In the meantime, here’s the photocap…

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Learns To Always Bet On Black


I’m back after an ever-so-brief midweek hiatus. Big Brother continues to deliver the goods, with this week’s drama centering around a one-piece bathing suit and a not-so-secret Moving Company 2.0 alliance. Let’s talk about the latter. Spencer and Howard had the right idea to join forces with the outsiders in the household (ie. GinaMarie and Kaitlin). Why they thought Judd should be in that alliance, however, is beyond me. Sure enough, their dumb strategery led to their downfall as Judd happily blabbed about the new group to Helen et al. And that’s where things became really interesting.

Helen immediately shared this new information with Elissa and Amanda, insisting that the girls don’t say ANYTHING to ANYONE. Of course, when was the last time anyone ever followed that advice in the Big Brother house? Elissa, who can’t even keep her mouth shut about being MVP, immediately spilled the beans to Kaitlin, but this was no accident. She clearly wanted to give Kaitlin the edge so that Elissa’s arch-rival Aaryn would be more likely to go home. It’s this sort of selfish behavior and scheming that makes Big Brother amazing. And the carping at one-pieces is pretty fun too.

Photocap after the jump…

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Big Brother – Week 5 In Review

Hey everyone — it’s time for another edition of Watch What Crappens. But isn’t this a Big Brother video? Yes.

So here’s the deal. We started a web show on Youtube called “The TV Clique.” We loved the name and thought it was so clever and thought we were geniuses and the best people of all time. But then as we began to promote The TV Clique on our Watch What Crappens page, we realized that it would be smarter and easier to simply bring our Big Brother coverage under the Watch What Crappens umbrella, rather than try to start a whole new thing from scratch.

And that’s why — tada — we now have Watch What Crappens: Big Brother. The audio from this web show will also be placed on Soundcloud and made available on the iTunes store under the Watch What Crappens stream. We’re going to see how it goes, and we welcome all feedback! In the meantime, enjoy the show.


BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: The One Where They All Do Nasty Things To Yogurt Machines


As expected, Judd’s reign as Head of Household on Big Brother has started off on a rather dull note. There weren’t any major fights beyond a silly dustup between Aaryn and the lexically challenged GinaMarie, and the only real tension came from whether or not Amanda could go thirty seconds without absolutely insisting that Howard be sent packing. I fear the breasty realtor has tunnel vision with Howard, and her inability to stop obsessing over him could be a problem later on. She’s being too aggressive, and that can only lead to one thing: a mid-season flameout.

Meanwhile, Howard has proven to be so likable and sweet that it’s frustrating to see him on the receiving end of Amanda’s ire. To be fair, he did dig that hole himself with his adorably misguided (ie. stupid) strategizing, but that’s okay. He and Candice are one of the few showmances on Big Brother that I’ve actually been able to stomach; so that earns a lot of points in my book (for now).

In other news, we learned that GinaMarie has no idea how to say the two-syllable word “auburn,” which is only half as embarrassing as her new neologism, compromization. Also, we discovered that Spencer eats froyo like a cat, which would be endearing if we didn’t already know how much of a raging misogynist and homophobe he is. Oh well.

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Jeremy Finds Himself Low on the Totem Pole


The Moving Company continues to be one of the most epic Big Brother alliance failures of all time, perhaps supplanting The Four Horsemen (er, Santa Monica Van Boys?) for the title of Biggest Flop. This week saw the exit of The Moving Company’s most outspoken member, Jeremy, who was backdoored by Helen in a generally drama free ouster. I’m not sure why Jeremy and fellow nominee Aaryn didn’t attempt to sully Spencer’s reputation and get him thrown off the block — maybe they did, and it simply wasn’t shown on the episode. It seemed like a logical move. People already have trust issues with the guy, and it’s not like he’s some shining example of civility and good character. But then again, it may be asking too much for Aaryn and Jeremy to apply their collective braintrust to anything halfway strategic.

For now, Aaryn seems content to do damage control by making insincere remarks to house guests and then later demanded props for being so insincere. It’s a pretty fascinating study in how awful one person can truly be. Huzzah!

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The TV Clique is back to review week 4 in the Big Brother house. Pull up a chair and join us as we dissect everything from Aaryn’s racism to Jeremy’s tattoos. Oh yeah, and there’s talk of gameplay, MVPs, and all sorts of other good stuff. Get your fix here! Join the clique!

(We’re working to get the audio up on Soundcloud)

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Will Aaryn’s Gang Finally Eat (Jim) Crow?


Did you ever see Carrie and wonder what sort of girl in real life would actually spill pig’s blood on an outsider? Probably not. But then comes Big Brother 15 with its group of racist dolts who demonstrate that yes, people are capable of spilling pig’s blood on sweet, telekinetic girls. Enter Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie (affectionately known as The Klan online), who spent last night’s show bullying Jessie, flipping Candice’s bed, making racist remarks, and generally acting like the worst John Hughes villains of all time. This is a vile alliance, but the production and the other cast members are firmly against them, and that makes this show oddly exhilarating. Is there nothing better than watching a bunch of ignorant twits getting a royal smackdown so aggressively by CBS? I don’t think so.

Some people think Big Brother should be boycotted or cast members expelled, but I actually think this is what people like to call a “teachable” moment. After all, we’ve seen racism before, especially this summer (hello, Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin), but candidly watching Howard and Candice attempting to grapple with it as it’s happening is particularly compelling and heartbreaking. As a white guy, I found it to be an interesting glimpse into an experience that unfortunately many people across this country deal with on a daily basis, most likely in workplaces. Say what you will about Big Brother being summer trash, but I think portraying that side of this whole debacle is important and educational.

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