THE TV CLIQUE: Big Brother – Week 3 In Review

We’re back with another episode of The TV Clique: Big Brother! Join us as Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo!), and I discuss the third week of Big Brother 15. We review all the main events, discuss the major rumors, talk about our favorite (and least favorite) players, and make our official endorsement for MVP […]

FROM WORST TO BEST: Ranking The Big Brother Alliances

One of the great pleasures of watching Big Brother is observing how people stuck in a house battling for money will claw and fight their way to the top of the heap. This often involves the formation of alliances, replete with stupid names, and more often than not, those alliances collapse in the most spectacular […]

Chenbot Appears on ‘Watch What Happens Live’; My Pop Culture World Colllide

In case you missed it on Sunday night, Julie Chen made a surprise appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, prompting many uses of the word “Chenbot” and an obligatory text from my cousin to tune in. The segment is brief but wonderful.

The Best and Worst ‘Big Brother’ Gays

Watching Lawon squeal and sputter his way through the Big Brother house this season in his wide-lapelled, patchwork blazers, it got me to thinking that he may be one of the very worst gays this fine series has ever cast. Further reflection made me realize that Big Brother has a checkered history when it comes […]

Random Reality Stars From The Fig & Olive Opening

The Los Angeles branch (pun INTENDED) of Fig & Olive restaurant opened last night, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the swanky event. The bash featured a full-on red carpet, which I walked with my cohort, and I’m happy to report that absolutely none of the three paparazzi who were standing there […]

Pics From Inside the 'Reality Matters' Party

For those of you reading this blog or following my Twitter, you know I’ve been shilling Reality Matters, the reality TV anthology that I have contributed to. Well, last night, there was a party at Les Deux for the book, and so of course I showed up all ready to preen around for the press […]