BANTER BLENDER #92: Discussing Bieber’s Racism, the Kimye Wedding, and Hot Actors

On this very special episode of “The Banter Blender,” Ben Mandelker ( is joined by three of his high school friends: Michelle, Lauren, and Caty. The three immediately launch into a variety of topics, including Justin Bieber’s racist rant, the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding, and, of course, ranking hot actors and athletes.

Plus, no high school reunion is complete without stories of yore, and this podcast definitely has an airing of grievances…

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YEA OR NAY: The Sexiest Man Alive Is… Bradley Cooper? Really?


Okay, ladies and gents. Time to vote with your loins. People just announced that the Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper — he of the smarmy rictus and greasy hair (a.k.a. devilish grin and luscious locks, for those who are decidedly in the pro-Cooper camp). As OMG points out, many people aren’t thrilled with the choice, especially when others like the omnipresent Ryan Gosling seem a much better fit for the title.

Where do you stand? Is Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive, or should someone else have won the title? And if so, who?