MORNING WHATNOT: Various Links From The Week That I Hadn’t Posted Because I’m Lazy

Business Week: Verizon Wireless Said to Get IPhone in January
Socialite Life: Jennifer Love Hewitt Also A Gay Porn Whisperer
NY Times: Suit Over Faulty Computers Highlights Dell’s Decline
LA Weekly: Xoia Vietnamese Eats Opens in Echo Park
Newsweek: Hulu Unveils Paid Service, Challenging Apple and Netflix
Reuters: Meryl Streep to play Margaret Thatcher (thanks Malibu Judie!)
Back Talk Live: Dr. Kornel Talks About Bret Michaels, Cognitive Rehabilitation
AP: Apple `stunned’ to find iPhones show too many bars

AMERICAN IDOL RECAP: Who Needs Charisma Anyway?


If you’re like me, you sat and plodded patiently through this past, awful season of American Idol knowing that at the very least we’d receive some sort of consolation in knowing that Crystal, the immensely talented busker from Ohio, would win it all and thus preserve the one thing this franchise had left: a thread of legitimacy. But alas, it was not meant to be. Lee DeWyze took the crown on last night’s show, thus serving up yet another upset in the hallowed history of American Idol. I wasn’t feeling the choice, but was I tremendously upset? Nah. Not really. Like many other people, I just didn’t really care who won ultimately. I was pushing for Crystal, but eh, Lee’s fine too, I suppose. Granted, he can’t quite hit any notes, and granted, he looks overwhelmed by the mere sight of a tulip, but hey, if there’s anything we learned about the reappearance of Taylor Hicks last night, it’s that star power isn’t necessary to win Idol. All you need is a strong blue-collar fan base, and you’re golden.

How else to explain Lee’s victory? It certainly wasn’t because of musicality or talent or any semblance of a dynamic personality. Clearly his Everyman from Chicago persona resonated a bit more strongly than Crystal’s Earth mother, feathers-in-the-hair, coffeeshop look. Besides, she lacked Lee’s humble nature (and perhaps some decent quality toothpaste), and that can work against you.

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AND WHATNOT: Free Cupcakes in LA Tomorrow! Also, Tom Colicchio and Dartmouth Are THE BEST

Food2: General Hospital Interview: Super Sexy Lante Cupcake (90% chance I’ll be going to this)
Daily Beast: Tech’s 29 Most Powerful Colleges (thanks jash)
AP: `Top Chef’ judge Colicchio named top chef for 2010 (thanks Eloise!)
CBS 2: Coroner: Corey Haim Died From Pneumonia, Not Drugs
New York Times: Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish (thanks Malibu Judie!)
Entertainment Weekly: ’24’ exclusive: The real story behind last night’s [episode]
FAIL Blog: Elmo Fail
Reality Blurred: Bret Michaels will “make a 100 percent recovery,” might attend Apprentice finale
Los Angeles Times: The changing typography of the Web

AND WHATNOT: Red Sox Are (Almost) The Worst! Also, Rockets, Beets, and Heidi's Alleged Drug Problem

Via LAist

New York Times: The Self-Appointed Twitter Scolds
Wall Street Journal: Are the Yankees Truly the Most-Despised Ballclub? (thanks IndianJones)
Fresh & Sleazy: Heidi Montag Might Be Addicted To Drugs
Gizmodo: A Fascinating View on the Apollo 11 Launch
Reuters: Cleaners paint over priceless art
Reality Blurred: Bret Michaels critical but stable; Trump says, “forget the show … I just hope he makes it”
Daily Dish: Can’t be beet
Squid Ink: Q & A with Marcel Vigneron: Island Life, Going Molecular & Cooking with Bobby Flay