VIDEO: ‘Bridesmaids’ Outtakes Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today (NSFW)

Bridesmaids Outtakes – watch more funny videos The best comedy of the year is Bridesmaids, and now to add to the fun we have bonus footage! Yes, the producers have leaked outtakes to Funny or Die, and they are as funny as you’d expect. The big takeaways: Melissa McCarthy stole the show; Wendy McLendon-Covey was […]

‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer Suggests DVD Extras Might Be Awesome

I’ve never hidden my love for Kristen Wiig, and Bridesmaids has proven to be a two hour Wiig-fest in the best possible way. Of course, I laughed my ass off during the movie, and in an effort to relive the good times, I went back and watched the trailer again. Lo and behold, there were […]