DOWNTON ABBEY PHOTOCAP: The Episode When Everyone Cries

Everyone was crying on last night’s episode of Downton Abbey — even Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham! It was an emotional hour full of wrenching twists and turns. Even yours truly got a little misty-eyed at times. Nothing good can come of war, I tell you! Nothing at’all!

DOWNTON ABBEY PHOTOCAP: Another Soup Scandal ROCKS The Countryside!

Once again, a soup scandal ROCKED the world of Downton Abbey last night for the fourth time in seven episodes. The first soup incident occurred when Daisy attempted to sabotage Mrs. Burns’ soup by tossing some vile ingredient into the pot. The second such disaster happened when poor Carson nearly keeled over and died during […]

Prince Harry Is Romancing A San Diego Cocktail Waitress

It must have been bad enough for Queen Elizabeth when she learned Prince William would be marrying the COMMONER Kate Middleton. Now comes news that Prince Harry is canoodling with an American COMMONER (with a white trash tattoo on her torso to boot). Yes, the ginger royal, who’s been stationed in Southern California for military […]

Obama Has Cringe-worthy Moment with Queen Elizabeth

In case you missed it, here’s a video of President Obama toasting the Queen while the British national anthem plays in the background. Talking over the anthem is a major breach of etiquette, and as a result, Obama is left standing quietly and awkwardly in Her Majesty’s presence. This is the sort of uncomfortable moment […]

The Real Housewives Head to the Royal Wedding!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Prince William married his college sweetheart Kate Middleton earlier today in a lavish Royal Wedding that was viewed by millions worldwide. What better way to honor this momentous occasion than to mash it up with the Real Housewives? After the jump, check out various Housewives at the […]