BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 32 – Hunger Games, Rihanna & Chris Brown, and Bunny Murder

This week Lisa and I really tackle the uplifting topics this week: bad dates, dead bunnies, acid maiming, and Michael Madsen. But all in the funniest way. We also get excited about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, talk Rihanna and Chris Brown, and chat about their favorite screen legend, Faye Dunaway. What’s not to love? […]

Bunny Dressage Is Real and Ready To Take Over

There’s a new sensation sweeping Europe, and I’m thinking it’s about to take over America (or at least those strange places in the South where overweight moms on scooters send their toddlers into pageants). I’m talking about bunny dressage, an activity that The Daily Mail reported about two weeks ago. I have no idea if […]