Burger Lounge Brings LA’s Burger Craze to Sunset


In case you hadn’t heard, burger-mania has struck Los Angeles — specifically, fancy gourmet burgers. It started years ago with The Father’s Office. Then came The Counter and 8 oz. Burger (RIP) and Umami. Now the city is littered with gussied up, high quality concepts. From Stout to 25 Degrees, these burger joints are everywhere, and I’m honestly okay with it. More options for us (although, perhaps it’s time to rein it in — I once had a burger at Go-Burger in Hollywood that featured a “Black Angus Beef Patty, Caramelized Onions, Bacon & GO Burger Sauce between Two Slender Rye & Gruyere Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.” It represented both a high point and a low point in my burger history).

Anyway, throwing their ring into this beefy circus is Burger Lounge, a small, regional chain that actually stated way back in 2007 in San Diego. Its first Los Angeles location opened up a few months ago on the famed Sunset Strip with an emphasis on healthy, sustainable ingredients. Sounds noble. The restaurant recently invited me in for a media-comped meal where I sampled many of the goods. Does Burger Lounge prove to be a worthy addition to the crowded burger marketplace? Pics after the jump…

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